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Evolution Keratin Hair Care

I’ve been on a mission with my goldilocks to get my hair strong, healthy, shiny and long. Mermaid long.

I’ve written a post on how to get your hair to grow. I’ve also told you about the Evox Hair Rejuvenation Therap, which is truly AMAZING!

I have been so impressed with Evox and Evolution Keratin that I decided to explore a little more.

I want to share some more of the products that are helping my mermaid hair mission.

I’m sharing this because I love sharing products with you that actually work! I’ve noticed a visible difference in my hair and so have others… I’ve had so many compliments on my hair since using these 2 products.

Introducing Evolution Keratin Argan Infused Blowout Treatment and Evolution Keratin Argan Oil:

I’ve had the products for a few weeks and have used it daily to really see the effects. I’ve really noticed a difference and I feel like I’m able to give you a much better review, than if I had just used the product a few times.

The Argan Infused Blowout Treatment is made with Hydrolysed Silk Protein and Argan Oil for instant absorption into the hair shaft while producing silky perfection for all hair types. It’s designed to seal in shine and preserve the hair structure.

It requires only a few pumps (depending on the length of your hair). It smells absolutely beautiful and it glides on easily without making your hair feel heavy with product or my worst – sticky!

Comb your hair through and dry your hair. It protects your locks, makes your hair shiny, full of life and strong!

Afterwards I apply the tiniest amount of the Argan Oil – there is so much hype around it and I’ve found that Argan oil has definitely helped me. It truly is that amazing secret for shiny, strong, hydrated hair.

When I was colouring and curling/heating my hair too often, my ends started looking a bit fried. So scary! I’ve also found that Argan Oil can be slightly dark for those with very light hair/blonde hair.

Evolution Keratin’s Argan Oil is light, effective and doesn’t leave your hair greasy! It’s an anti-frizz formula, rich in vitamin E and also results in shiny, silky, beautiful hair.

I apply a tiny amount mainly to the ends of my hair and whatever is left on my hands, I’ll use to smooth down any fly away, baby hairs on the top of my head and add a little shine to the front sections of my hair.

I also love that this can be applied on wet AND dry hair and you can use it before a blow-dry or flat iron.

You can find out where to get these products by heading over to their beautiful Facebook Page – I love all the hair tips and information.

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