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I am so overdue a Life Lately post, so excuse the photo heavy post!

I travelled up to Johannesburg on Friday the 27th of Feb to prepare for my little sister’s bachelorette party! We started from 8am and finished up the next morning at around 03h30! It was an amazing day and night/early morning and I’m so glad everyone had such a good time!

Here I am with my mom on Friday night… I was painting the bridesmaid tops…

Blindfolding the bride to be and taking her to her first destination. It’s so funny to see how unobservant people are in the traffic. Some didn’t even notice she was blindfolded and if people did notice, they glanced over and then glanced away.

After a full day of fun, we dressed her up in a burlesque and neon theme. Jackie made us all tutu’s and we added colourful lashes on to the bride to be…

I didn’t get drunk on the night, so I very happily had no hangover the next day. BUT, we were all pretty exhausted and my feet were so sore from running around and dancing. This is where Tandi and I stayed the whole of Sunday… On the couch, under blankets, watching movies and series. We didn’t even get out of our PJs.

Whilst I was in JHB, Sox sent me this sunset photo on the Sunday evening. What a beauty…

On Monday morning it was back to Cape Town…

I ordered Coffee and Cashews, settled in with my book – I’m reading Sycamore Row by John Grisham.

You know I’m a sucker for a beautiful sunset – it’s quite possibly my most favourite moment of any day!

We had dinner at good friends of ours and witnessed this view from where we dined.

I’m still doing really well on my no sugar diet… except for the Bachelorette. I didn’t earn my gold star that day (read how I’m quitting sugar) and I definitely felt the effects. BUT… I’m back to a no refined sugar diet and when I really want something sweet, I love a small portion of fresh summer fruits.

Watermelon bigger than Sox’s head

We also experienced one of the hottest days in Cape Town. There was no relief and the air was so stifling it was sometimes hard to breathe in deeply.

I watched my car temps climb…

The only things that cooled me down… CocoZone coconut water – 3x more hydrating than water, ice cubes and keeping my skin protected.

We got a call later in the afternoon after all our work was done, asking if we would like to head out on our friend, Alon Kowen’s boat. Um… let’s think about it!?

Every time we are out on the boat, we see Dolphins. Alon calls me the Dolphin Whisperer. I’ve never seen so many dolphin out and they kept coming right up to the boat and playing with the boat, jumping out for us. It was incredible.

I’ve been loving our new apartment but haven’t spent a lot of time at home from working and traveling… After the 14th of March, I’m hoping to change that and truly settle in properly.

Some of my best friends – Karolina, Filip, Dimi and my Godson Gabriel came down to Cape Town for the Argus. I’ve had the best time spending time with them and time seems to fly!

We had a BFF lunch at Pure Good in St. Johns Street in town. So yum

 Lunch with them and the Roding-Tudor’s at The Grand

We’ve gone for walks (nearly wet ones) along the Promenade…

 Can we take a moment to look at how gorgeous he is. I’m saying it: My Godson is cooler/cuter/sweeter/better than yours.

 Promenade walks, art viewings and breakfast stops with Lisa…

Oh and before you think it’s been all play and no work… I’ve been loving all my shows on 2Oceansvibe Radio, recording voice overs, working on pitches and running all my social media clients accounts.

View from one of my appointments

I filmed for News24 Live…  SEX. RELIGION. POLITICS. You know, all the things you shouldn’t discuss at the dinner table. It was so much fun! I’ll post the link soon.

Bailey, Jerusha and Ayanda

This jumpsuit/playsuit is from Label Collections. The clothes are so comfortable and chic!

Tomorrow I fly up to Johannesburg with Sox. My little sister is getting married on Saturday and I can’t quite believe it’s here! The 14th of March 2015 has always felt so far away… EXCITING!!

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