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Cauliflower Pizza Base

I’ve pinned a few recipes for the new craze of cauliflower pizza. I hadn’t made it yet and was dying to try it.

I’ve done the cauliflower mash which is absolutely delicious and if you want yours extra creamy, add a dash of butter and a tiny splash of cream. Too good.

I posted the pic up on Instagram and a lot of you asked for the recipe. I do wish I had now photographed each step, but I wasn’t sure how it would turn out being the first attempt. Perhaps I’ll do that again over the weekend. In the meantime, here is my recipe.

Note* I adjusted my recipe slightly, only because I just couldn’t find parmesan cheese anywhere. Isn’t it Murphy’s Law – I always see it when I don’t need it and now that I do? Nothing.

It still turned out absolutely wonderfully though.

Ingredients for the Base:

Fresh Cauliflower – I used a whole ready washed bag of it.

1 large egg

1 cup of grated mozzarella (you should apparently also add 2 tablespoons of parmesan cheese to the mozzarella, but I didn’t have.)

Salt and Pepper


Preheat the oven to 170C.

Grate the cauliflower until you have cauliflower crumbles or cauliflower rice – I had about 2 cups full. Place in a large bowl and either steam it in a steamer or in the microwave until soft and cooked through. If you microwave it, 6-7 minutes will do the trick.

Let it cool so it doesn’t melt the cheese immediately.

Mix in the egg, the cheese and the salt and pepper.

Grease a baking tin or your pizza dish well – you don’t want it to stick.

Place your cauliflower mixture into the dish and spread it thinly and evenly – be careful not to leave any gaps.

Bake for 10-15 minutes until the edges are golden.

Remove the tin and place your toppings. I didn’t do a tomato paste base, as I have read in several recipes that it makes your crust soggy.

I think the better idea is to put the tomato paste in a dipping dish and you can dip afterwards.

I cut up fresh cherry tomatoes, salami and mozzarella and scattered it onto the base.

Bake for a further 10 minutes until the cheese is all melted.

I added freshly chopped basil afterwards and Sox then added avocado too (post photo taken.)

It was absolutely delicious and tasted as good as any pizza. We pretty much smashed it in our faces.

I can’t wait to try out different toppings and to see how it tastes with the added parmesan.

Happy cooking.

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