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Legs Eleven Photo Shoot

I have been on the #JourneytoSmooth with Legs Eleven, permanent IPL hair removal.

I’ve been focusing on my underarms and the results have been incredible. I can’t wait to throw away my razor for good. I’ve had 4/6 sessions so far and I’ve already noticed a considerable difference. My hair is naturally blonde all over, so it might take me an extra session or 2 to remove it completely. FYI – if you have dark hair, you are a dream to work on.

I always stayed away from laser work because of a) the pain and b) the price.

When I found out about IPL; I was completely intrigued.

At first I was really nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. I put the safety goggles on, lay back with my arms up and waited for the possibility of excruciating pain. All I felt was warmth and when I was told it was all done, I couldn’t believe it… There I was wondering when the therapist, Tiana would start and it was already all over.

The price is also phenomenal – it’s not thousands like I originally thought, but rather:

You can buy a package up front or pay as you go. You also don’t go all the time because of the hair growth cycles. I only go every 3 months so it becomes extremely affordable as opposed to what a wax would cost every month.

The money I will save from not waxing is just fab.

On Saturday morning, a few of the Legs Eleven girls got together for a photo shoot. We arrived at…

The Fox Box was there to paint our nails red – Vinylux Rouge.

We also had our make-up done and our hair done. I had brought the Jean Robere Auto Curl from Verimark with me and it was used on all the girls hair to produce gorgeous curls.

 Sexy red heels were provided by Madison Shoes and I fell in love with these…

Tammy B wore these beauties

The red dresses were supplied by Jo Carlin and MilQ and Honey and I had to be clipped into mine.

I learned a brilliant trick by the gorgeous stylist, Tracy – designers don’t like their clothes being pinned as it can leave holes – the trick is to use magnets.

Angel, Birgitte and Bailey


Aisha, Tracy and I

It was my time to shoot…


Here is a sneak peak…

It was such a fun morning and it went by so quickly. Thank you so much to everyone involved: Katie, Mayuri and Margot for all the organising. To Legs Eleven – thanks for the awesome opportunity. To Shelley and Malikah, thank you for the hair and make-up and Tracy-Lee Rosslind for the styling. Tegan Smith, our photographer, thanks for making me feel so comfortable.

To book your appointment all the contact details are here.

Here’s a fun 1 minute video of Behind the Scenes on my Vanilla Blonde YouTube Channel *Subscribe please*

With our curled hair and red lips, Tammy, Angel and I decided to paint the town red – even if it was just for  breakfast in Observatory. We ate at a place called Honeybuns.

Quite the mean knife for a simple egg and bacon breakfast…

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