Andiparos, Greece 2018

After our time in Paros with Tandi and Ross, who were going on to Santorini, we hopped onto the ferry, which is a 15-20 minute trip across to the island Andiparos. The island is becoming incredibly popular and is really picturesque! Tom Hanks has a house there and apparently Matthew McConaughey and his family were using it for their vacation. You can bet I was on the look out to see if I spotted them.

I didn’t.

So in Greek, the D is pronounced as a T… so I find it confusing sometimes when things are written in English. Why not just keep it Andiparos? It’s the name after all. Surely we can learn how to say it? Instead, you’ll find the variations of Andiparos (real name) and Antiparos – for the tourist benefit. Funny.

Sox, Georgie and I were meeting up with Sox’s sister Sofi and her friend Zeta, who were staying at the Cyclades. It was a spontaneous decision to join them and would all depend on whether we could get accommodation or not. Luckily they had a room for us, despite the island being pretty booked up.

They were basic little rooms that were super clean, had air-con (yes!), a camp cot for Georgie and a good shower head. We spend so little time in our accommodation so we never need it to be fancy, just nice and clean! It sure was pretty.

Zeta had brought her car from Athens on the ferry, so that was really helpful. We traveled with our Doona – pram and carseat all in one (travel lifesaver), so we would just strap the Doona into the car via the safety belt and off we went on mini adventures.

Our first adventure was to a secluded beach. There is nothing there and it’s a good 20 minute drive. There are no restaurants or beach stores, so when you go, you need to ensure you pack everything you need! We stopped at the little supermarket to get waters, fruit, cheese, tubs of fresh Greek yoghurt and other lunch items.

When Zeta stopped, I wasn’t sure we were at the right place… It looked deserted and didn’t really have an “entrance” as such. As we walked a little further, we saw a few people and came to a clearing of the simplest little beach and water that was so turquoise it looked like someone had dropped blue colouring into the ocean. The water was so clear that you could see your entire body in it and it was so warm – like a bath, but refreshing from the heat.

Can you see me in the pic below? I am lying in the ocean – star-fishing! 

George enjoying the creamy Greek yoghurt tub. 

Napping in the Doona…

After a full beach day, we head back to feed G his dinner, shower and explore Andiparos at night.

We visited the Achillea Art Gallery and saw some beautiful pieces…

These artworks were huge…

The shopping was absolutely insane. I found some of the best shops and could have gone mad, except that the prices were exorbitant. Tourist prices deluxe, which aren’t kind to our awful exchange rate from Euro to Rand. I, of course, usually have expensive taste too, so all the dresses I was looking at started anywhere from 90 – 150 Euros and up. Ouch!

Early morning…

Night time…

The mornings consisted of either sitting on Sofi and Zeta’s balcony eating a light breakfast of cheese, cold meats and fresh fruit, while drinking Greek Coffee.

Or, we would take a walk into the town – usually pretty empty as people still slept. The aromatic bakery was always open and we would indulge in pastries, namely Bougatsa.

Freddo Cappuccino’s and flaky Bougatsa’s. Heaven right there.

It was time to hit the beach and this time, we went to a different beach… Soros Beach and probably the most expensive. You usually pay for deckchairs and umbrellas, and the most we have ever paid is 10 Euros, so when we got the bill of 25 Euro’s, it was eyebrow raising. They really do catch the tourists.

This was pretty cool… each umbrella came with a lock up box for personal belongings, and a solar panelled phone charger. 

Each day, we tried a different beach…

George is our little social butterfly… He would toddle along the beach (he started walking in Athens and practiced his walking; gaining more and more confidence) and make friends with everyone. It was so sweet. He’s definitely a babe magnet 😉

Lunches were either picnics on the beach, or we ate at the beach restaurants. 

One evening, we stayed at the little beach bar for an early dinner and to watch the full moon rise.

These are some of my favourite photos of my son:

The sky turned from blue to candy floss pink and orange.

We watched the full moon rise, which would later eclipse.

Photos do it no justice, but we watched it eclipse and turn blood red.

I tried this ice cream trend where they make it fresh on an ice cold slab and then scrape it into ice-cream rolls. I had the Nutella one.

Absolutely delicious and a welcome treat from the heat.

Poor George was so hot and I’m not even sure how he managed to sleep. His hair is wet from sweat here.

I will never get sick of Greek food, but one night we went to an Italian restaurant called Lollo’s – it’s famous on Andiparos and you have to book in advance. Luckily we had and we weren’t disappointed. Paper thin pizza and handmade pasta were gobbled down with wine.

I loved our time at Andiparos, but soon it was time to head back on the ferry, to Paros…

We had a few hours to kill before getting the ferry from Paros – Athens, so we wondered the port…

We visited the Church of 1000 doors, which doesn’t have 1000 doors, by the way. I didn’t have anything to cover myself up with, so out of respect I didn’t go inside the church, but it was lovely to walk the courtyard. 


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