These are a few of my favourite things…

The Sound of Music always comes to mind when I say this, but these are a few of my favourite things, and I’d like to share them.

I know that I am Swiss, so I think it is coded into my DNA that I would naturally love Swiss Chocolate. My absolute favourite is Toblerone. I can say without any shame that I am having an affair with Toblerone.

I. cannot. get. enough.

Whenever I open the chocolate up, I try to limit myself according to the letters. “OK, I’ll only have the T. O. and B” … I am yet to have stuck to that, but I try. Hard.

Braids: I recently had my incredible hair stylist Lindsay-Jade from Studio 9, Melrose Arch braid a section of my hair for the 94.7 Christmas Wish Concert. I just think having long hair can be boring, so I enjoy changing it up a little bit.

Nail Polish: I am normally a French Manicure kind of girl, however, just like changing my hair, I love to change my nail colour. I do Bio-sculpture gel in French Manicure or in a solid colour on my natural nails, but the great thing is if I get bored I simply paint over it.

Essie is still one of my favourite nail polishes. Recently I have discovered the range in Clicks, by Essence.

General rule: If you are going to have bright or dark nails, short square nails are the sexy way to go.

Stilettos: These are a must during Silly Season. I’m missing wearing my heels at the moment because just as my ankle healed (Read here if you want to find out what Blondie did), I went for a mini surgery to remove a mole and the tissue… in the most awkward place…BETWEEN my 4th and 5th toe on my left foot. So I’m now hobbling around with 6 stitches. When I can wear these bad boys, let me tell you, I will be flaunting them!

Johannesburg: I love this city. I especially love this city during December. Everyone sets off for their holidays in the bush or at the coast. The streets are quiet and there is a different energy. I prefer holidaying after Christmas into the first week of January. It’s not quite the “White Christmas” that we read about in Christmas Tales, but I love our Summer Christmas’.

My MacBook Pro: Once you go Mac; you never go back. It’s true. I don’t know what I would do without it! I am writing my novel on it, it holds all my music and all my treasured photographs. Thank goodness for back-ups!

 OK…I could carry on, but I ‘ll share these for now.

I will definitely do lists of my Favourite Things every now and again.

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