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7 of The Biggest Beauty Trends for 2022

Thanks for listening to my latest Podcast episode of “The Bailey Boost”.

As promised, on the podcast, here are the image inspirations and trials of these trends. Haven’t heard the episode? Here it is and it’s only 06:58 minutes long: 7 of The Biggest Beauty Trends for 2022

Trends come from all over – runways, beauty and fashion magazines, stylists, make up artists and now social media, like, YouTube, Instagram and Tik Tok. These all have major influence in a multibillion dollar industry.

1. 90s Lips.

This trend really brought back memories – I shared more on the podcast… but for this trend you need brown eyeliner / eyebrow pencil and a lipstick/lipgloss. I used my Essence Eyebrow pencil to line my lips, my Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy lipstick (it was perfect before curious toddler fingers found it and manhandled it) in the shade “Dynamic”, lipgloss and my lip brush.

Brown pencil liner
Lipstick applied with some lipgloss over and blended with a brush to create an ombre look. I actually love it.
2. Shiny Lids.

I used my Bobbi Brown Luxe Eye Shadow Rich Sparkle in the shade “Sun Flare.” Gosh this was so easy – I simply applied it using my finger.

3. Slicked back hair.

I really wanted to try this, but I’ve realised that when you have regrowth it just made my blonde hair with the darker roots (I call it the dark halo) look dirty. I’ve made a hair appointment for Friday and can’t wait to refresh my blonde (and give this a try.) One thing I will say – this look needs to look intentional and that means you need to up your glam and have great make-up with it, otherwise you’ll look like you have dirty hair.

4. Laminated Brows.

I absolutely adore this look and really can’t get over what a big difference it makes. Take a look at my brows before and after.

5. Dramatic Liner.

As I mentioned in my podcast, it’s really not for me and I tried to recreate this look, but I was really bad at it. I still haven’t perfected winged liner – say no more. Here’s some inspiration:

6. The Clean Look.

I’m glad this is becoming a popular trend because this is basically my every day go-to. I use my Optiphi moisturiser and Sorbet BB Cream. NARS Blush, in the shade “Orgasm”, Essence Mascara and Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector.

7. Statement Hair Accessories.

I love how pretty clips can just elevate a simple hair style. In fact, you don’t have to do anything to you hair, but add a clip and it looks like you made an effort. I wanted to share my favourite clips, but realised that they’re coming on the container from Greece – South Africa, so I’m excited to pick up the trend soon. In the meantime, here are some inspo pics.

Which is your favourite?

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