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I absolutely adore fragrances. In fact I did a post on this subject a while ago where I mentioned I was still on the hunt for that signature fragrance of mine.

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I finally found it. I have no shyness when it comes to asking women about their clothes/shoes/ fragrance and so on. I’ll be the girl who will go up to a complete stranger, compliment them and ask them what they’re wearing and where they got it from.

Crazy person.

I know.

A few months back I smelled the most beautiful fragrance. I stopped the woman to ask and she told me what it was. I had never heard of it.

A few months later, I smelled a gorgeous scent on someone else and asked…Again, it turned out to be the same name.

I tried it on in the store to see if it would last on me… Amazingly yes. I had finally found my scent that lasted and had other people stop and ask me what I was wearing. A first!

Indigo Tree sent me a gift the other day, a beautiful bottle of the fragrance I had been lusting after: Elie Saab.

Thank you!! I feel so spoiled!

Indigo Tree is a designer fragrance online store. Their perfumes are 100% genuine brand names and purchasing online is 100% safe and at better prices than what you’ll pay in store.

I love what they have done to launch… We have Jacaranda trees in bloom around the Johannesburg and Pretoria and since their name is Indigo Tree, they have taken purple scented ribbons and wrapped Jacaranda trees in them. The ribbons are specially designed not to lose their designer scent once exposed to the elements. It gives the public an opportunity to actually smell the fragrances that are available on

Have you seen any of the ribbon wrapped Jacaranda’s? Have you stopped to smell them?

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