Technology Woes

I LOVE gadgets. I’m like a magpie to shiny things when I see gadgets.

I can’t tell you how naked I feel without my Macbook Pro (see previous post.) It really has made me realize how reliant I am on technology.

It’s one thing to make that concious choice to not look at your phone on holiday and switch off the laptop, but when it’s “taken” from you… it’s horrid.

I haven’t really thought about how much I use my Macbook. Today I kept wanting to open it to a) blog b) pay accounts online c) work on documents d) download photographs I took e) download music f) do a whole bunch of admin etc…

Let me give you an example of what thought process I went through today.

I have a new business plan I am working on at the moment… Whenever I think of new ideas or elements and so forth, I open up the document and add to it.

I had a light bulb moment today and instantly went to open up my laptop. After that initial mild panic of “Where the hell is my Mac?” I felt stumped, like “Oh. Damn. I can’t now.”

It was NOT an instant thought to get out a piece of paper and a pen.That came later when I was worried I would forget about the idea I had just had.

That’s bad. SO BAD!

It made me think. When was the last time you actually wrote?

Not grocery lists, but actual writing.

Now I will admit, I write personal thank you notes and I keep travel journals plus a journal for my personal thoughts… I get a lot of my creativity and inspiration from doing this, but I can’t remember the last time I wrote seriously/for business etc. The last time was probably when I wrote my University exams.

I found myself constantly checking my Blackberry like a substitute.

It’s actually forced me to slow down and guess what… my life hasn’t fallen a part. I haven’t missed meetings or doing work and the world is still turning.

It was actually lovely.

Perhaps I should actually have a day or two free from technology. I can only try and it might slow my world down a fraction. It would be great.

iMiss it.


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