Spring Cleaning

This weekend I have dedicated to Spring Cleaning. It is amazing how much one person can hoard. Yes. I’m a hoarder. Terrible but true. My only excuse is that I never know when I made need/use things and I know where everything is. Organized chaos.

It’s time to get rid of everything I have accumulated in Winter, like a bloody squirrel. I need to be ruthless.

It’s also time to swop my wardrobes.

I have all my Summer clothes in storage. True story.

Problem is Murphy’s Law. I just hope I don’t pack away my winter wardrobe and place it in storage and suddenly we get the last cold front.

However, the weather has been so gorgeous that I am dying of heat in my winter clothes.

I love the idea of Spring Cleaning, but the act of Spring Cleaning? Not so much.

As a little girl I used to wish I had a magical wand or magical fingers that I could just click and magically my room would be neat, colour coordinated and movie perfect.

OK fine.

I still have that wish.

It’s time though…Fresh apartment, fresh season and fresh beginnings. I can’t help but feel excited.

Whatever you get up to this weekend… I hope you have a wicked one.

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