Signature Scents

I think I may have a problem.

“Hi, I’m Bailey and I’m addicted to perfume.”

I didn’t realize how much I love fragrances and how many fragrances I actually have… and *whispers* – they’re like shoes… you can never have too many.

However, I have not found a that signature scent that lasts on me, well I don’t think I have personally. Karolina says I have, but that I’ve stopped wearing it and she can’t remember what it was. Great.

I love all the fragrances I have and I collect them for sure. Each one is sentimental and are great mood enhancers.

I love walking past someone and smelling their perfume… I’m not talking about choking on someones perfume -that’s not attractive – I’m talking about that beautiful lingering smell that just gently tickles the nasal passages.

The only one that has come close, is my DKNY fragrance Be Delicious and my Michael Kors…. and the one Karolina is talking about, but that’s not very helpful since we both don’t know which one she is talking about.

I had lunch last Sunday with a girl, Amy, who said to me: “You smell like rainbows and sunshine.” What a compliment, except I cannot remember which fragrance I wore. Dammit.

Really must start taking more notice.

I am still on the hunt for that fragrance… the one that lasts, the one that people smell and think of me. My fragrances last normally about an hour and then they disappear. Not quite what I’m going for. Perhaps I’m not putting enough on… I just don’t want to be that girl that drowns in perfume. Again, it’s not sexy when you make peoples eyes water. Maybe my pulse points everyone talks about, don’t work.

What are the fragrances you wear? What is your signature scent?


My fragrances also have stories.

1. DKNY – Woman. This is a very sentimental fragrance as it is the very first perfume I ever received. My parents bought it for me for Christmas years ago when I was a teen. I top up on it all the time now.

2. Maria Garcia – Loving You

3. Maria Garcia – No 54 Private Blend

4. Cacharel – Amor Amor. I bought this in Switzerland.

5. Dior – Midnight Poison. Karolina and Filip bought this for me for my birthday.

6. DKNY – Pure

7. True Religion. Rene and Spiro bought this for my latest birthday.

8. Zara – Black. I bought this in Croatia.

9. Carolina Herrera – Chic. Danny K and his family gave this to me as a gift.

10. Celine Dion. I received this as a birthday gift from Michael and his girlfriend.

11. Thierry Mugler – Innocence. Gift from a friend, Robert for my birthday.

12. DKNY – Be Delicious Night

13. Tommy Hilfiger – Dreaming. I was the SA face for this brand a few years ago.

14. Michael Kors – Original

15. Michael Kors – Be Hollywood This fragrance was customized for me with my initials in diamante.

16. DKNY – Be Delicious

17. Marc Jacobs

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