Rugby and Birthday cake

I love sport, but I am not a die hard fan. I love watching tennis, rugby, cricket, soccer etc… I will happily watch a game if it’s on, but I don’t make it a massive deal nor do I freak out if I miss one. I even know the rules of the games and I’ll recognize the hot players. Enough said.

On Saturday, Karolina, her husband Filip and I went to watch a rugby game at Loftus Stadium (Home of the Blue Bulls Rugby Team), thanks to Rob who invited us into the box.


Karolina Sky and I

Note to self. When you are going to watch a rugby game, find out who is playing.

We arrived, had a nasty welcoming/initiated-into-the-box shooter called “The Wasp” … *vomit* and got comfortable.

“So whose playing?”

Stunned silence with the looks of: “How does she not know that?”

Hindsight is lovely. Probably shouldn’t have said that so loudly.

“Blue Bulls vs Highlanders.” was shouted out.

I thought it was kind of someone to shout it out tell me, so I figured I’d shout back: “So who should we support then?”

Well that went down well.

Apparently The Highlanders are from New Zealand and being at the home of The Blue Bulls (from Pretoria, South Africa) well… let’s just say I was the um… popular one in the box.

My only saving grace is that I’m blonde. And female.


Yesterday was Lucia Oreb’s birthday. She is one of closest friends and she has blessed and enriched my life so much. She has a huge heart and it happens to also be a heart of gold.

Lucia Oreb and I

We went to Pomodora for lunch – it was absolutely divine! We drank wine, ate the most delicious food and afterwards we went back to her place for cakes and coffee.

Lucia Oreb opening her gifts

Home made Tagliatelle with Porcini Mushrooms

Fillet with Parmesan cheese, rocket and potato wedges

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend…

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