Ravishing Restylane

I am of Swiss heritage and whenever I see anything that is Swiss I feel excited and proud. I can’t quite explain it, I just do.

I get especially excited when I see skincare from Switzerland, especially when it arrives in a Glam Box!

I was introduced to Restylane and I have to say I am impressed.

With Winter fast approaching (so not happy about this) my skin needs the extra help. I love that it smells like Watermelon – it’s delicious.

I love trying different products because I also get to learn about skincare and how products can really enhance the skin we’re born with.

Restylane believes that the secret to beautiful skin is balanced skin hydration combined with a healthy and protective skin barrier. It has small particles of hyaluronic acid (similar to our body’s own hyaluronic acid.) These tiny crystal-particles reflect light and make the skin glow – they bind water in a way that naturally keeps the skins hydration at the right level.

OK…Science lesson over, but fascinating, right?

The cleanser comes out creamy and lathers up beautifully even removing traces of stubborn mascara.

The day cream has an SPF15 and it sinks into your skin moisturizing it without leaving skin feeling oily. I have a combination skin – trust me, I’ve tried a lot of products and they either don’t moisturize enough because it’s trying to mattify skin or I look like I’ve rubbed Vaseline into my face. Not pretty.

So I was very impressed with this cream – it was light but moisturizing.

The eye serum comes in a pump and you need so little – a little goes a long way and my eyes felt less puffy and tighter after just 2 days of using it. I love products that last – it makes me feel like I’m getting my money’s worth.

The night cream is rich and nourishing; perfect for a good nights sleep and I woke up glowing.

Restylane even has a hand cream and as the weather gets colder, my hands get rougher, so this has been a fantastic find to combat that.

After just 1 week of using these products my skin feels healthy and happy. There is nothing better than happy skin – it’s ravishing.

Thank you to Dr. Bhana for introducing these products to me.


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