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A pinch and a punch for the 1st of the month! December, you guys!! Can you believe it?

The past 2 weeks have been pretty special. Karolina, Filip and Gabriel came to visit us in Cape Town. They stayed with us for the weekend and it was awesome! Within minutes of Gabriel being there, our apartment was baby-proofed. Wherever he went, we knew exactly what needed to be lifted or moved. He was an absolute dream to have and I know that what I’m about to type next, makes me seem like I am beyond broody, but it’s not that… it’s just a fact that having Gabriel (and my best friends) there, filled the house and when they left, it felt emptier.

K and I had such a good laugh … Oh how Saturday nights have changed. Sox went off to work and K and I curled up on the couch, in our pjs, with cups of tea and a Skin Republic face mask each! Poor Fil… he literally sat as far away as he could! Can’t blame him.

I felt so down when they left, but I knew I would be visiting and seeing them again soon. At that time, I didn’t realise how soon… Turns out it would be the very next weekend when I flew up to JHB.

Before we get there, Sox was DJing at the Radisson Blu Le Vendome pool party with Moët Chandon, where they launched their new Summer champagne…champagne that encourages 3 ice cubes and some fresh fruit.

It could very easily become my Summer drink of choice.

Speaking of events, I attended the 48 Hours in Cape Town Summer Party…

I’ve also been working flat-out on 2Oceansvibe Radio, Smile 90.4 FM and filming inserts for Expresso Show.

Filming with Kimlyn

I had the pleasure of interviewing Prof. Tim Noakes on 2Oceansvibe Radio. Some have asked me for the podcast, so here it is:

A gorgeous baby boy was born… Jaxon Riley Rosa. Here I am holding him when he’s less than 24 hours old. How precious. Congratulations Marco and Aimee, he is just perfect!

On Friday night, after my show on Smile FM, I uber’d to the airport and landed in Johannesburg after 10pm.

I was staying at Fil and Karolina, which meant extra BFF and Godson time. I also went to visit one of my good friends, Claire. She’s given birth to twin girls, Skyla and Kenzy! I didn’t get to meet the twins who are in ICU, but healthy and strong. I did get to spend some time with Claire, who is just so happy, it’s contagious!

My little sister, Tandi and her husband, Ross are relocating to London! I am so excited for them, but I’m so emotional too knowing she’s not just 2 hours away (CT-JHB).

I wanted to surprise her, but I ended up busting myself. #Fail.

On Saturday, after a morning catch up with Claire at the hospital, I headed to their farewell party. There was LOTS of food, drinks, laughing, crying and beer pong. I’ve never played it before and it was such fun!

Girls vs Boys Beer Pong. The boys won by 1 cup. Not bad girls.

On Sunday morning… I had cuddles with Gabriel – the BEST!

My beautiful bridesmaids all arrived at Karolina’s and we piled into the car heading off in search of bridesmaid dresses.

I couldn’t believe how lucky we were. Ordinarily, it’s quite hard to find dresses for 3 different body shapes and styles. Within 45 minutes, the girls were twirling in their matching dresses and looking like princesses!

I’m so happy they love the purple and lime green polka dots, shoulder pads and puffy sleeves. Oh and don’t forget the bow at the back.


When we returned, Gabriel took a shine to Tandi (making Lucia and I very jealous I might add.)

That afternoon we headed to the park where Gabriel played and we drank cappuccinos. So awesome.

Before I knew it, it was time to pack up and get to the airport. I landed back in Cape Town, late on Sunday night ready for the week ahead.

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