How to Make 2020 YOUR Year

Happy 2020! I’ve been so excited about this year. I don’t have any particular reason though. Perhaps it’s the promise of fresh new beginnings in a new decade. 2020 looks symmetrical and neat. You get 2020 vision, so perhaps this decade/year will bring us all clarity? I’m not sure, but I’m excited about what the year and decade holds. 

I saw this and thought it was pretty damn amazing:

I saw people on social media doing their decade throwbacks and I must admit, Bailey-10-years-ago would never have believed you, had you told her that she’d be asleep at midnight, going into 2020. 10-years-ago-Bailey would be horrified that she wasn’t in something glamorous, holding a glass of champagne to toast the New Year at some fabulous party. Bailey-Today, couldn’t be happier with what actually happened and it just goes to show yet again, that we are exactly where we are supposed to be.

10-years-ago-Bailey would also never believe that she’d have 2 children (never mind 2 boys) going into 2020 and that the reason she’d fallen asleep waiting for the New Year to ring in, was only because she was sleep deprived from holding a newborn. Magic!

I woke up at 01h00 to feed Alexandros and the two of us sat in my chair, nestled together as I whispered “Happy New Year baby boy! Your very first and how special that it’s such an epic one!”

My husband was working New Years Eve, and I stayed home with Georgie safely tucked up, fast asleep and Alexandros nursing every 3 hours. This is the photo I sent him: A digital NYE KissSo what did I do before falling asleep waiting for midnight? I poured myself a glass of ice cold rosé and journaled.I toasted my two sons and my husband and said a gratitude prayer for my family.

I created lists of things I hope to achieve and areas in my life I wish to improve on. When I was younger I used to create vision boards and I still do, but they look a little different these days. There aren’t magazine clippings anymore, sadly.

I know I’m on Maternity Leave until March, but I’m planning ahead for when I return to my career and figure out how to balance 2 babies, a career, me-time and more.

I’ve never been mad at New Years Resolutions, because I love the idea of them and what they represent – a feeling of freshness, fresh possibilities and a chance to start over and be better. However, over the years I’ve learned to understand why NYRs get such a bad rep. People rarely stick to them.

So, how do we make a New Year work for us? These are my findings:

1. Make an Action List instead of a List of Goals:

Get rid of your Goal List and make an Action List instead.
There was a study done of 2 groups of people. The first group of people wrote their goals down:

  • Lose 5kgs.
  • Start a new business.
  • Write a book etc.

The second group of people wrote down an Action list like:

  • Exercise 3 x a week and cut out refined sugar.
  • Join a new hiking group by next Monday.
  • Write out business plan by the end of the week.
  • Write for 30 minutes every day.
  • Find a Publisher.

After one year, they followed up and the people in Group 2 were 90% more likely to have achieved what was on their list, than those in Group 1.

Without an action plan, your goals are just words. By writing out the actions, those actions can become a new habit and when habits stick, they become achievable.

2. Plan it out:

This can be from your day, to your week, to your month. When you see what needs to be done in black and white, it makes it easier to not forget. I need this little organisational skill so that I don’t drop the ball on things and don’t have to rely on my memory. (Does Pregnancy Brain ever go away?)

You decide whether you’re a digital or traditional person. I like to traditionally write things out in a little diary/note book. For me, there’s something satisfying about ticking it off with a pen.

I do, however, keep digital notes (I really like Google Keep) for when I am out and don’t have the diary with me. I can then fill it in later.

By planning things out, I can then allocate how long each item on the list should take. Example: Sending emails? 10 minutes. Writing out a blog post? 1 hour. I then look at my day and slot in each item.

You can create:

  • Today’s To Do List
  • This Weeks To Do List
  • In the Near Future To Do List

Don’t get caught up in making lists and lists though – that in itself can be a procrastination factor. It really is just about jotting down what needs to be done and then prioritising them to get done and ticked off. Don’t over complicate it.

3. Read or listen to something new once a month:

Read or listen to something once a month that is going to enhance you and your interests. Seek information out from experts. This could be anything from reading a new book, listening to an audio book or new podcast. Something to consider doing daily or weekly (you decide what’s actionable) is to read new online articles and watch Ted Talks. It’s all about learning more about things you might need more knowledge on, or are just curious about. Knowledge is power.

4. DIF: Do It First

Do you procrastinate? Use this DIF method: Do It First. When my boys go down for their naps, the first thing I want to do is make a cup of tea and put my feet up. The problem is, I know that if I sit on the couch, I’m staying there. The chances of me getting other things done are slim to none. By reminding myself DIF: Do it First – it makes me stop procrastinating and makes me more productive. The sooner I can get things done, like send off those emails, or tidy up the kitchen quickly, the sooner I can make that tea and have some me-time reward. It’s amazing how quickly those tasks get done too.

5. One Touch Method:

I’m not the neatest person, plus I tend to hoard (hides.) The irony is I crave a minimalist look – if I look at my Home Pinterest board, the inspiration I love is anything but hoarded/cluttered. This year I’m trying to be better about this and really edit and simplify my life.

source: Pinterest

Besides decluttering, I’m trying to eliminate having to do big clean ups by using the One Touch method. One touch means that you put it back where it belongs in one touch. Let me give you a silly example. I get home from work, pop my keys, sunglasses, handbag and jacket at the front door. That would be fine, if that’s where they all belonged. With the one touch method, instead of walking in and dumping everything down, I’ll now put my keys in the holder, my sunglasses in the draw, my bag in my bedroom and jacket hanging up. One touch, as opposed to dumping everything (in a mess) and then later, having to go back, pick them all up again and then pack away – I’ve eliminated a few touches (double the time), by just putting things in their spots in the first place. I also do this with my teacups. I used to leave teacups all over the place, now when I’m finished my last sip; instead of putting it back next to my bed or on the coffee table, I actually get up and put it in the dishwasher. Done! 10 seconds of my time taken and instantly neat.

I believe these steps are easy to do, achievable and productive! Is there anything you do to simplify your life and get productive? I’d love to hear more!

Here’s to a wonderful 2020!



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  • Reply Karolina Sky Rafalski

    I love this post, so honest and inspirational
    Here’s to an amazing 2020! Ps I love the 2020 vision comment too

    January 6, 2020 at 5:03 pm
  • Reply Cassandra

    Love the “One Touch” approach. It’s also something I’ve tried to implement within my daily activities and I’ve found that it actually leaves me less frustrated with myself and the house!

    January 7, 2020 at 9:11 am
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