Graduation, Sting and Stone Massages

What a busy weekend! It started off badly with a bad bout of food poisoning on Friday (hence the lack of Friday’s post.) Nothing like eating bad salmon and then experiencing it again for the second, third and 8th time, if you know what I mean – BLEH!

Saturday morning I woke up feeling MUCH better, just a little dehydrated.

I’ve been taking Duke to Puppy Training class for the past 5 weeks. Saturday was the Graduation class and we had to ensure that he could do everything before he could graduate. We practiced a lot during the week and again, it goes to show how I have really been blessed with an amazing SUPER pup. Bulldogs are apparently a very difficult breed to train – it’s doable, but difficult. Duke has been a star throughout – stubborn sometimes sure, but just a star.

He did everything so well and even won a competition: Musical Sit. Basically all the pups had to walk and heel and then when the “music stopped” we had to get them to sit. The last puppy sitting was out. We made it to the final 3 and the first person to get their pup to sit in a hula hoop won. BRAVO DUKE!!

He graduated and I was such a proud mom. I’d also like to thank Amanda and Melissa for their amazing patience and fantastic class… it’s been wonderful. I’m looking forward to Puppy Training 2.

The start of the game: Musical Sit
The winning sit in Musical Sit 🙂

Amanda holding Duke before his Recall
Recall – Duke running to me

Going through the dark tunnel
On the see saw

Play Time

Receiving his prize for Musical Sit

Afterwards, my sister and I decided to go for a quick lunch while an exhausted Duke slept. Mezepoli in Melrose Arch is always a winner.

I got home after doing some shopping and got ready for Sting. Lucia, some of her friends and I all went to Sting together and I was blown away by his pure talent, down to earth nature and his love for his art.  The violinist was also incredible – I sat with my mouth agape often!

Sunday was a relaxing day that ended here for a Full Body Hot Stone massage. Pure Bliss.


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