Easter Weekend

This Easter weekend was a busy and eventful one. My boyfriend is Greek and the Greek Easter happened to fall on the same weekend as our Easter. They celebrate beautifully and the Greek Church in Cape Town is stunning inside. Every time I go I discover something new.

On Saturday evening, we went to the midnight service and then arrived at his parents afterwards to break the fast.

On Sunday morning we went to the Women’s Lifestyle Expo where we listened to a talk by Prof. Tim Noakes – amazing – more on that in another post. We then returned to his parents for Greek Easter Lunch – absolutely delicious (as always)

I hardly ate Easter Eggs this year… I am off sugar completely so I ate 2 of the Marshmallow ones and one of the white eggs and I felt ill. For someone who used to have the BIGGEST sweet tooth around… this is new for me and I’m going with it.

My delightful boyfriend thought it would be lovely to take a photo of me napping after the big lunch, which is all fine and cute…BUT he then proceeded to post it… ON THE INTERNET.

I don’t even remember falling asleep on the couch… but when I woke up, I looked over and saw his mischievous grin and laughter.



“Suuure… What? Why are you giving me that look? Uh-oh… What have you done?”

“You’ll see… On Instagram!”

“Oh my God!’

It’s amazing how I almost immediately wanted to tell him: “Take it down at once!”… but then I thought about it – if you can’t have a laugh at yourself then that’s sad.

Besides… Revenge will be sweet. Watch out Socrates!

On Monday, we decided to take a bike ride along the Promenade. Sox has a bike and I rented one on the Promenade. We rode along the Promenade to the V&A Waterfront for some brunch and then took a leisure ride back. It was awesome. I’ll definitely be doing more of this.

I’ve never been to the Rhodes Memorial before and I’ve heard the views are magical. We headed off with my camera…

Lion Riding… As you do…

I hope you had a wonderful Easter.

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