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Duke Update

On Sunday afternoon I flew to Johannesburg…

I watched Hart of Dixie Season 2 (new favourite show and I’m catching up.)

I had a great view of Table Mountain and Lions Head… but the picture didn’t come out perfectly well… still, it’s pretty to see.

Joburg looked pretty from the sky too… You can even see the typical Summer rains… I’ve missed the thunderstorms!

My mom and dad fetched me from the airport and I gave them the biggest squeezes! It was so good to see them after all this time.

Mom and dad were telling me all the stories of Duke and how cute he is, what he’s been doing, how he makes them laugh with his funny faces, antics and mischief, what his new favourite toy is (a chicken that makes this weird squawking sound. I got a heart attack on Sunday night when it was all quiet and suddenly this noisy squawk came out. I jumped out of my skin!

My parents are smitten and Duke is arguably one of the most spoiled dogs in Joburg.

As I walked through the door, Duke just rushed at me and we had the biggest love session.

Every afternoon/early evening he starts whimpering… it’s to tell my mom and dad he wants to go for a walk. This is a new thing of his and so off we went. We put him in the car first to take him to a new park where we were to meet friends. He loves the car and insists on having a good view of the road ahead. He overheats quickly, especially in Summer so the walks aren’t too long. His tongue gets soooo long after each walk.

Post walk – his tongue is a super long

I fall in love with all his faces…

 Morning cuddles with him are the best… He’s 2 years old, but he still has puppy breath. Love it.

His favourite spot is still the couch… You can also find him lying by my mom’s feet in the kitchen as dinner time. He is forever hopeful that mom will drop something.

He also likes to lie on the cool tiles under the dining room table and on the cool floor of my mom’s art studio.

I can’t believe I leave Joburg tomorrow at 08:30 – time always whizzes by. I have had an extremely exciting and productive time in Jozi and I’m excited for what lies ahead career wise. All will be revealed soon.

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