Duke Turns Two Today

Can you believe it?

Duke was born on the 22nd of November 2011 and I took him home on the 1 January 2012.

He is such a character, he makes my whole family laugh and he is one of the most spoilt bulldogs around. My mom and dad are so smitten it’s hilarious. He owns the couch in our house – in fact half his photos are there.

He’s so funny when it comes to trying to take photos of him. It’s nearly impossible. The minute I point a camera or my phone at him he stops doing the cute or funny things I was trying to capture and he turns his head and diverts his eyes.  I have to get him when he’s all sleepy or take 20 pics before I get just one.

He has been the most wonderful addition to our family and came into our lives at the most perfect time. I believe he’s almost like a therapy dog, he’s really been there for every member of the family in difficult times. When a really close family friend of ours was murdered last year, Duke was so comforting for all of us. When my mom lost her Golden Retriever of 13 years, Duke licked up all my mom’s tears and then would do something funny to make her laugh. When any of us get home from a tough, exhausting day he is there with his big smile and amazing presence.

I miss him when I’m in Cape Town, but he has the life at my parents! Boy oh boy does he get treated like a KING!

I love coming back to Joburg, besides the obvious fact of getting to see my family and friends, I know that I’m going to get a big slobbery welcome from Duke. Melts me every time.

These are some photo’s I took yesterday…

Like a Boss

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUKE! I love you so much!

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