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Bailey’s Breakfast Sweetcorn Fritters

I love breakfast and I truly believe that you should set up your day with something healthy and delicious.
Every now and I then I like to treat myself to fritters. I have not made these in ages and I had a craving for some the other day. I think it’s from seeing all the Halloween blog posts about pumpkin carvings and pumpkin fritters.

I love sweetcorn fritters and so I made these for my housemate and I.



1 egg

100ml milk

200ml Sasko Cake Flour

1 x 415g tin of creamed sweetcorn

A pinch salt

10ml Baking Powder

Oil for frying


Beat the egg and milk together.

Add the Sasko Cake Flour and beat until smooth. I love how light and fluffy the Sasko Cake Flour makes my fritters.

Stir in the salt and sweetcorn.

Just before cooking, fold in the baking powder.

Drop spoonful’s into hot oil and adjust heat slightly lower to prevent burning. Make sure that it cooks through so that you’re not left with a doughy centre.

Fry until golden brown on both sides.  Drain in paper towel to absorb any extra oil.

Serve with a few strands of streaky, crispy bacon and decorate with sprigs of rocket.


Tip: If you haven’t used a sieve with the Sasko Cake Flour, use a whisk to beat out any lumps.

 Fold in the baking powder, just before you’re going to cook them.

Tip: Make sure your oil is hot before adding your spoonfuls of batter. Make sure you adjust the heat afterwards so you don’t burn them.

Tip: Drain excess oil on paper towel

For more delicious recipes with Sasko Flour, visit their Facebook Page here.
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