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Thank you for having such patience with me. I missed blogging for over a week and the only good thing about that is, I genuinely missed posting. Good sign.

I have a lot to catch you up on, so the next few posts may be photo heavy and story heavy! Bear with me.

Sox celebrated his birthday on Saturday the 31st of January. The night before I had to stick 3 rolls of birthday paper together in order to wrap his gift! It took me ages, but it was all worth it.

In the morning I made him his favourite cappuccino and brought his gift to him in bed. There were huge grins and I’m so glad he loved it!

We got dressed and headed over to our favourite coffee shop, Hardpressed Cafe. Sox’s best friend Marc and Kim arrived with his Goddaughter, Sloane. I think Sox loves Sloane’s cuddles more than mine. It’s OK. I can take it. Who can compare with this cuteness?

I also got the most awful news about my good friend Simba. I am absolutely heartbroken. I kept trying to put on a brave face and celebrate Sox’s birthday, but Sox was beyond understanding and just kept comforting me!

I still can’t believe he is gone… I have a special tribute coming up for him soon.

It was also our very good friends twins birthday party. George and Daniela turned 2 on the 10th of January and we celebrated their party at The Greek Club. It was the most wonderful distraction (and I don’t mean that in a disrespectful way at all), but watching little kids with so much life and purity was amazing.

George and Daniela

You would never say I had been crying my eyes out from the photo below… My eyes just don’t seem to go puffy or red after crying. If you follow me on Instagram/Facebook, you would have seen that I posted this picture up and said: What an emotional day… BUT it’s shown me again how short life is and how we truly need to appreciate everyone in it. We need to stop sweating the small insignificant things and truly live life positively! I mourn a friends death but I also celebrate my loves birthday! Today we celebrate LIFE! Cherish it! 

That evening we had Sox’s birthday drinks at Cafe Caprice. He wanted to cancel them, but I insisted that we celebrate his birthday and celebrate life.

Lisa and I

Sox and the men…

On Sunday, the 1st of February we spent the entire day packing boxes and getting ready for the movers to arrive early on Monday the 2nd of February. I’ll leave that for another post too. Told you we have lots to catch up on. This week has been CRAZY!

Let’s fast forward to my birthday on the 4th of February. I can’t quite believe I have turned 32. I feel like whilst that is still relatively young, being 32 now feels like I have to officially be an adult. No more pretending. Eeeeek.

The night before (our second night in our new home), Sox asked me: “If you could do anything on your birthday, what would it be?” and then he added, laughing: “Besides getting on a plane to New York…”

I thought about it for a while and answered: “I wish I could spend it with my family and closest friends, but I know that isn’t always possible living in different cities. At the end of the day, I am just so happy that we are finally living together in our own place and that’s the best birthday present of all.”

He gave me a kiss goodnight and I fell asleep quite quickly.

On my birthday morning, I woke up to a fresh cup of hot Vanilla tea (winning), a big joyfully shouted out: “Happy Birthday!!!!” and a big bear hug!

“Can I give you your birthday present?”

“What do you mean? I’m waking up in it!”

“Check your email.”

I sleepily open up my phone and see an email forwarded on from Sox. Thank you for choosing to fly with Kalula!

“Wait… what?” Still sleepy and very confused.

“We are flying to Johannesburg today to celebrate your birthday with your family!”

At this point, I burst into happy tears and can’t quite believe it.

Sox then told me that he wasn’t going to tell me at all. He had planned it all a week or so ago. He was going to tell me we were going somewhere special for lunch and then drive straight to the airport, but because he knew Simba’s Memorial was taking place the following day, he thought I might want to change my flight back so I could attend. He also knew that I would then need to pack a dress and so he decided to tell me, so that I could prepare myself. He thought of everything!

I felt so overwhelmed by this incredible man.

We packed and headed straight to Hardpressed Cafe where Sox had ordered a whole Banting Cheesecake (so delicious) and headed to the airport. It was my first time in the Slow Lounge and I’m not sure why I’ve never gone before. We drank arty cappuccinos and picked at the buffet.

Here is my first photo as a 32 *gulp* year old.

We nearly missed our flight too. We thought we had plenty of time to board so when we left the Slow Lounge and made our way to the boarding gates, we heard our names being announced over the airport intercom! Well, a version of our names: “Belly Schneeeeeder and Soc-rates George-ee-ades”  I have never had that happen before. We both started running so fast and just made it!

We arrived at Lanseria airport and my mom greeted us with HUGE grins and hugs! We headed off for lunch and my dad joined us! We finally arrived back at the house and I got my birthday cuddles from Duke. At first he played hard to get, but eventually we were best friends again.

Oh and I won’t mention the bromance that goes on between Sox and Duke. Duke literally melts for Sox. Smitten is the perfect word.

Speaking of smitten. I was in 2 minds as to whether I should post this pic or not. It’s rather embarrassing (for me), but my mom captured this moment. Could I look anymore smitten, myself? Yikes!

All my girlfriends were so happy I was here, but none of them could come for the birthday dinner at my parents. We made plans to see each other for a breakfast the next morning.

It was so awesome to spend quality time with my family… My family is everything to me!

Even Duke wanted to be in the pic…

My family is also pretty special…

Hotness in the Schneider girls

My little sister is getting married in March…

To this lucky guy… Ross:

Yup… He sure knows what he’s marrying!

We are super close…

and crazy!

So… There I am having a delicious family braai and Sox says to me: Don’t move! Let me take a photo!

The next minute I feel these arms around me, feel a soft cheek on mine and the familiar voice: “Photo Bomb!!”

It was Karolina and Filip.


The whole time, Sox was videoing and you can see the video of SHOCK on my face and my little jumpy happy dance HERE.

I just couldn’t believe it!

The same thing happened again when I heard new voices saying: “Happy Birthday!”

My best friends Lucia, Tomislav and Katia all arrived and I just burst into tears.

I am truly the luckiest girl in the world and I felt so overwhelmed with how much effort and love was put into my birthday!

My little sister even made a Sugar free, carb free Banana bread that was absolutely delicious! She has shared the recipe and I can’t wait to make it.

I had the best birthday and I feel so overwhelmingly grateful to Sox for planning everything, to my family and my best friends who really made me feel unbelievably loved.

All the messages I got on social media was just overwhelming and I wish I could express how everyone truly made me feel.

I know Duke was completely partied out… We woke up the following morning to this sight:

The following morning, I went to visit my Godson. Gabriel is 5 months old and time is flying. He is so precious and my heart swells so much when he grins at me.

Here he is wearing his t-shirt we bought him from our trip to Greece last year.

That evening, I met up with my beautiful friend Claire. We have been friends for over 11 years. She moved to Mozambique and then Tanzania a few years ago and whilst we stay in touch all the time, we worked out that we hadn’t physically seen each other in 2 and a half years. Since we were both in Johannesburg, we had to meet up. It was the best reunion and it didn’t feel like any time had passed.

What an incredible birthday and I am so grateful for all the love everyone showed me!

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