Anassa: For Your Body, Mind and Soul

I saw this quote a while ago and I absolutely love it:

“Your body will be around a lot longer that that expensive handbag. Invest in yourself.”

We all have one body and one life to live, so it’s vital that we nurture both. I am so excited to share this incredible retreat with you.

Anassa was born out of a dream to create sanctuary from our busy lives to transform, heal and feel inspired. Unlock the physical, mental & emotional blockages that prevent you from reaching full vitality and optimal health, guiding you back to a state of flow.

Qualified Integrative Medical practitioner and psychiatrist, Dr.Siobhan Dawson and Corporate Visionary Megan Abbott, host immersive retreats and workshops in idyllic locations in and around Cape Town.

They combine insights from Neuroscience and Functional medicine with evidenced-based healing practices. Cocooned in nature and spa like facilities, they support your discovery through gentle detox; resetting the nervous system; movement medicine; sound bathing; deep inquiry & playfulness.

In our demanding, over connected lives, we can lose perspective and our sense of inner happiness and meaning. Anassa inspires to tap into your innate resources, empowering you to master your life.

Anassa’s Getaway Retreats are hosted at the idyllic Angala Boutique Hotel which is nestled in the Franschhoek winelands.. Encapsulated by mountains and rich biodiversity, the peace is only splintered with bird song. Angala offers our clients the perfect respite to unwind, reflect, heal & rebalance. Angala’s facilities include an Eco pool naturally filtered by medicinal plants; an infrared sauna & steam room for deep detoxification; a heated Ozone swimming pool for cell rejuvenation and a cold plunge pool. The luxurious rooms offer indoor and outdoor showers; small private gardens and state of the art amenities. Angala is your barefoot 5-star sanctuary at the foothills of the Simonsberg mountain. An in-house chef creates a nutritious menu plan for the retreats. Anassa desires that you feel pampered and will return home replenished and vital.

The “I AM” Retreat:

“I AM”; The Art of Being Authentically You, is expertly designed by one of South Africa’s first Integrative Medical Psychiatrists – Dr. Siobhan Dawson – and host Megan Abbott. The program serves is a catalyst for deep healing both during and after you leave the retreat.

Using cutting edge holistic treatments and evidence based processes, they help you reset your nervous system and unlock the ingrained (and often unconscious) limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that are diminishing your life force and keeping you from reaching your unique human potential.

These include: Holotropic Breathwork, Trauma Release Therapy, Timeline therapy, Guided nature meditations, Movement Embodiment Therapy, Sound Healing stimulating for rejuvenation and Brain-Heart Coherence therapy.

Teachings include how to Access Optimal Performance States; Using Superfoods to Treat Burnout; Basic principles of Detox ; Inspiring Creativity and Innovation.


● Access to non-ordinary states of consciousness for deep healing.

● Understanding how to attain FLOW and master our Unique Human Potential.

● Cellular recalibration through Sound to promote detox and support immunity.

● Conscious movement practices to encourage sensual, embodied functioning.

● Training in HeartMath techniques to combat stress.

● Understanding limiting beliefs and negative emotional themes which shape our lives.

● Learning to live in alignment with our dominant values.

● Introduction to Creativity and playfulness, stimulating perpetual wonder.

● Understanding basic functional medical principles to heal the body.

● Resetting the nervous system through TRE to promote calm and boost immunity.

● Soul-nourishing, restful time in nature and hotel detox facilities.

The “I AM” Retreat is taking place this weekend and there are only a few spots left, so I wouldn’t delay in booking. Here are the details:

Have a look at their beautiful website for more information and see what other retreats they offer too:

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    Sounds fantastic I would love to come. Thanks for sharing I’m going to look at booking for me and some girlfriends immediately .

    May 8, 2018 at 4:58 pm
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