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Appreciation: I am grateful for so many things in my life. I appreciate my incredible family and friends, Duke who reminds me of what unconditional love is and makes me laugh – I can’t cope with his cuteness, my career and the amazing people I get to encounter every day, my home and for every single blessing. I appreciate the smallest things and do my best not to take anything for granted.

Beauty: I love various products and I am a consumers dream because as soon as something new comes onto the market, I have to try it or I have FOMO. I never leave the house without mascara. 

City: I’m currently writing this post in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Drink: It’s almost too easy, but Vanilla Tea and normal tea with skim milk and no sugar, water and the occasional Kola Tonic and soda water.

Education: BA Journalism degree majoring in Information Science. 
Food: Roast chicken and veges with gravy is by far my favourite meal.
Guilty Pleasure: Slap chips and vinegar, Nutella and if I get a chance, not getting out of my pjs on a Sunday. 

Hometown: Johannesburg AND Cape Town. I’m very excited that soon I will be based in CT as well as JHB. I feel rather lucky that I will get to live in 2 cities and commuting between the 2. I’m setting up in CT soon. Exciting and a little scary.
Ice Cream: Chocolate or sorbets

Jamming to: All the new music that’s yet to hit your radio… A perk of my job is hearing the hits first. I do adore The Muse though and anything I can sing to. My anthem is “Walking on Sunshine.”
Jewellery/accessories especially earrings, necklaces and bracelets, stationary – cute notebooks and pens, gadgets, Toblerone, a good cup of tea. 
Look-a-like: Katherine Heigl apparently. It used to be Britney Spears (back in the day.)
Movies: Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, Love Actually, Good Luck Chuck, Wedding Crashers, Tears of The Sun…

Nickname: Bailz, Bai, Little Miss Sunshine, B, Baby Spider (It rhymes with my name. A little boy called me this in Grade 1 and it stuck. 
Only a rare few use it.)

Obsession: Tea, Duke, photography and Instagram, Pinterest and traveling.

Taken yesterday with his favourite toy “Chicken”

Perfume: Oh I am a sucker for a beautiful bottle with a bewitching scent. At the moment I’m loving my Ellie Saab. I also love DKNY Night and Women, Tommy Hilfiger Dreaming and Michael Kors. 

Quirk: I like even numbers. So the volume on TV/radio must be even, I like parking in even number bays etc. Weird, but true and no I’m not OCD, it’s not like I am going to fall apart if this isn’t so. Haha.

Oh and… I will change the toilet roll if it’s not the “right” way.
Regret: We all have something we regret or something that is seriously cringe worthy, but would I change it? No. It’s made me who I am today.
Sweet: I have a sweet tooth for sure and I love gummy sweets, like sour worms and milk bottles. 
Thrift Find of the Year: No idea. I think I need to find great thrift stores – anyone know of any gems in JHB and CT?
University: RAU or now known as UJ (University of Johannesburg)
Vacation: I really want to go to New York and Greece.

Wine: I do enjoy the odd glass but I’m no connoisseur. If I do drink, it’s usually white wine. Red wine puts me to sleep and gives me heart burn.
X: We all have one (or 3) that makes us think: “What was I thinking!?” BUT, I’ve always learned a lot 🙂
Years: The Dirty 30s (since February) and I’m loving every moment so far.
Zen: Reading, watching my favourite TV show, taking a drive out into the country, baking, doing my photography or having that afternoon nap – so rare, but so lovely.

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