Weekend of birthdays and spring cleaning…

This weekend I celebrated my best friend, Karolina’s birthday… I took her to Mythos for lunch where she got the first part of her gift…  

I had quickly arranged (before she arrived) for them to bring something sweet out after our meal. *Sneaky sneaky*

They played loud music and brought her baklava with a sparkler… Everyone turned around to watch and clap. I was so busy laughing at how red my friend was going, that I completely forgot to get a pic of the sparkler in action.

I then rushed home to get her second gift ready…

We are all so used to the digital world, well I know I am. I can’t remember the last time I actually had photo’s printed. I decided to print out photo’s of our friendship over the years and put them in an album with little stories… Here are just a few pages from the very thick book.

I managed to finish the book just in time to race through to Filip and Karolina. We were all going to Kream in Pretoria. I’ve heard so many lovely things about the restaurant. The food is magnificent!

Blondies and Brownies
Crepe Suzette

On Saturday, I decided to finally put all my winter clothes back in storage. I’d been waiting because I know Murphy’s Law likes to rear his ugly head, but Johannesburg is just a scorcher these days. I think we are in for a very hot summer. YAY! I started with this…

And then decided to take a break and go for a lunch with my group of friends. Tasha’s at Nicolway was buzzing, but we managed to get quite a big table.

This was so good… Texas Salad with added grilled chicken
We all shared this…

Sunday… I finished sorting out my wardrobe. All my drawers, shelves and other cupboard space is done. Phew.

This is a cupboard I have for only summer dresses and clutch bags. I’ve colour co-ordinated, but let’s see how long that lasts. Ha!

I can’t remember the last time I went to a movie and I ended off the weekend with my GBF, Christian.. We went to see the Five Year Engagement. It was hilarious.

How was your weekend?


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