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I am still in my pajamas. I haven’t moved out of bed the whole day. OK, I lie. I have. To get food and to answer my phone. I’ve got back into bed after each.

The last time I had a day like this, I was a teenager. It’s been wonderful and lazy.

My dad’s Godmother passed away some years ago –  I remember her well and it’s still sad when I think about her. She left a few things to the family. One of them was a handbag. Years ago I didn’t really realize what I had been given. I remember thinking it was quite a plain bag and not really “pretty” like the “pretty, bling” phase I was going through. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t that I didn’t appreciate it, I just didn’t understand at the time what I had been given.

I remember storing it away, happy that I had something from this women who was pure class and grace.

A few days ago I was looking for something I had stored away. I spotted the pattern first. I pulled it out and discovered it was the bag she had left me. An original Gucci handbag. I absolutely love it and can’t believe that I didn’t think it was pretty. Silly. Glad to see my taste has changed though. LOL.

What I especially love is how it hasn’t dated at all. I actually don’t know how old the handbag is, but it was like finding a treasure!

I often think I am an 82 year old in a 28 year old body when it comes to my garden. I absolutely adore gardening. I have planted a mini herb garden and I just love seeing it flourish. My mint pot is cute. I love picking mint leaves, grinding them up with some sugar in a mortar and pestle and sprinkling it over pineapple. It’s delicious.

Bailey’s Mint Pot

I found the perfect bracelet and bangle stands. They normally just lie around in a drawer, but now they can actually stand on my dresser on display.

I adore photography and photographs but time has really changed. I miss taking in the film to the photo labs and waiting an hour for my photographs. I used to get so excited to see what had been developed.

These days, everything is digital. You can see instantly what you’ve photographed, delete what you don’t like on the camera and then download them onto your computer and that’s where they normally stay.

I decided I needed to print some of my photographs and put them in various frames. My wonderful dad came around to hang the frames up on my “Picture Wall.” I still have more to hang up. I’m getting there.


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