Wear A Smile

Smile. It’s contagious. It puts you in the best mood, it warms the heart and can say more than words. It makes your eyes sparkle and lights up exactly who you are. It’s the best accessory and it’s free.

I was invited to the Cosmopolitan and Colgate Optic White “Wear A Smile” day to celebrate the new competition starting from today.

Colgate have teamed up with Cosmopolitan Magazine to bring you this incredible campaign: Wear A Smile and enhance your best accessory with a white toothed smile. Gone are the days of the “duck-face” pout!

The competition is for one lucky lady to win an amazing opportunity:

Become a COSMO Cover girl and everything that goes along with it. You will appear in your favourite glossy magazine in the gatefold cover, you’ll be styled by the COSMO team, photographed and on top of that, R20 000 is yours for an amazing shopping spree, complete with A COSMO stylist who will come shopping with you.

A few bloggers arrived at the glam hotel 15th on Orange to a delicious breakfast and an interesting presentation about Colgate’s new Optic White toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash which is an amazing beauty product and guarantees that your teeth will be a shade whiter within one week of using the products.

We had an amazing talk done by Cathy Lund, the new editor of Cosmopolitan and she spoke about what they are looking for in a Cosmo Cover Girl – I made some notes for you…

The Cosmo Girl is in her mid twenties, she works and is ambitious, she is connected 24/7 and updates twitter and facebook often, she is confident and lives life to the fullest, she adores fashion and knows the latest beauty trends and where to get the right look. Her and her girlfriends love parties and being social. She’s sassy and looking gorgeous is a top priority – she would probably never leave the house without make-up. She is healthy, smart, friendly, has a great sense of humour, isn’t afraid to make a few mistakes as long as she learns from them. She is full of hope and is optimistic – she wears a smile through the toughest times.

Hopefully this will help when you choose your photo to submit. The judges will be looking for the girl who opitimises this. It’s not about being a “supermodel” – it’s about being confident in your skin and smile and being that Fun and Fearless Female.

After the presentations, we were all taken to a studio in Woodstock where we would experience our very own “cover shoot”.

Transported to the studio…

We were given different outfits to try on, we were styled, we had our hair done and our make-up done and I honestly felt like a proper model.

It was amazing.

In the hair chair…

The incredible make-up artist, Jade created a gorgeous smokey eye for me… Loved it!

Samantha Kaye and I had some fun with our camera phones for the film crew. We had a proper “Betty and Veronica” moment…

We were directed in front of the camera by the stylist and photographer until “the shot” was taken and everyone was happy that we had “got it!”

Our Final Photo’s

Aaaand… Here is my FINAL shot…

Ta Da!

Don’t forget to enter your own photo (it doesn’t have to be a professionally taken photograph) just make sure that it really captures who you are, your essence and your natural beauty!

You can submit your entries here:

Grab your May 2013 copy of the Cosmopolitan for all the details.

You can enter by logging onto the Blog The competition starts today and ends on the 22 May 2013.

Don’t forget to follow: Twitter @CosmopolitanSA and @OpticWhiteSA with the hashtag #WearASmile

Good Luck – I can’t wait to see you in the gatefold cover of the Cosmopolitan Magazine.

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