This weekend was a goody!

My dad spoiled my sister and I with clutch handbags… Lucky girls! Tandi and I can’t decide which one we prefer, so we’re sharing both of them. Bonus!

Thank you Dad… Really appreciate them.

Good friends of mine Alfie and Alethea Chemaly are leaving next Monday for Spain… and not for a romantic trip – they’re immigrating and we had their Farewell on Saturday night at Full Stop Cafe in Parkhurst.

It was really good to see everyone but I’m very sad that they’re leaving! Alethea did say that it just means I have a “holiday home” in Spain now and need to visit quite soon! Sounds like a plan!

Filip, Alfie, Bailey, Karolina and Alethea
Alistair, B and Alfie

Alistair and I were laughing about the Egg Chairs… they look comfortable until you have to get out of them… You can say goodbye to looking gracious and lady like when needing to get up.


 No night is complete without smooches for my BFF, Karolina…

Our waiter was awesome… he spoke about poetry and even did the Bolt pose, which inspired us…naturally.

Sunday was pretty lazy…



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