Thankful Thursday: HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY DUKE

Can you believe it? Duke is 1 years old today. I find it incredible that his 1st birthday happens to fall on the American holiday, Thanksgiving and on a Thursday – in time for Thankful Thursdays. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for this amazing little boy. He has been an earth angel for me and a proper guardian angel not just for me, but for my entire family.

I remember fetching him on the 1st of January 2012. He was so chubby and so brand new (early to get a puppy at only 5 weeks old) that he couldn’t walk properly and would flop all over. I was a little concerned that his legs weren’t right, but he came right very quickly and became a wandering toddler.

His first car ride to his new home on the 1st of January 2012.

I knew he was going to be a BIG boy. He was the pick of the litter and certainly the biggest.

The breeder holding Duke at 4 weeks old.

I knew the minute I saw him, he was going to be mine. I do think he chose me though.

We have such a special bond and a connection that I can’t explain – it’s precious and something I treasure so much.

He has made me laugh so much with his funny faces, his ” sticky-outy” and his “W” tongue, his little run, the way he “trots” past proudly when he has my bra or anything else he shouldn’t in his mouth, his snoring, the way he gets these bursts of energy and just shoots like a bullet through the garden.

He is so kind and loving. He always senses when something is wrong and won’t leave my side, or will insist on sitting on top of me (all 30kgs of him – although I think he still thinks he’s the size he was at 5 weeks old) and licking my face or just breathing in my neck/ear.

He’s incredibly protective and I always feel safe when he is around.

He also has this grin… it’s so cute. He grins and he talks all the time.

The grin…

I recorded him a few months ago – here’s a reminder of the clip >

He is my sunshine and he’s really got me through an incredibly rough year. I know I have this little guy at home who is so loving and so happy to see me every time I walk through the door…even if I’ve left to fetch something from my car and then returned 30 seconds later, the greeting is the same as if I’ve been gone the whole day. It’s too sweet.

I guess I’m always going to see him as my puppy and even though he gets bigger and heavier, he’s my baby and even when he’s 5, I’ll still call him my puppy! I can’t help myself.

Happy 1st Birthday my amazing Duke. I can’t wait for many more and to making more memories (in the mud.)

The last pic is classic … vampire puppy teeth!

Dukes 1st Bath
I can’t believe he was this small… Shopping always took extra long because everyone stopped to coo over him. Best Babe Magnet. EVER.

He loved unwrapping my birthday presents on the 4th of February.
These are my favourite… plus teddy, my “Bite Me” toy, my squeaky toys and plastic bottles.
Must lie ON TOP of mom, preferably by her ear and SNORE!

My teeth are starting to come out…

Look mom, lots of teeth coming out now…
All my Big Teeth in a grin for you!
Puppy Training
Graduating Top of his Class at Puppy Training! I was SO proud!

Dukes 1st Autumn


W Tongue

And just in case you forgot that Duke, his royal highness is THE MAN… Here he is, just kicking back on the couch… All that’s missing is a whiskey and the TV remote…


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