My mom has been going up to Leshiba Wilderness Game Farm for 9 years. It’s one of her favourite places that rejuvenates her soul. There is an original Venda village that has been re-created with sculptures by Noria Mabasa and you can spend hours just exploring.

My mom does work up there too and as she is an artist, she has done the stone floors in the art gallery, reception area, store and so forth – all in keeping with the Venda theme. I’m so proud of her.

She went up again to continue working on the floors and I decided to go up with her. I’m the only one out of the family and my mom’s friends who have never been there.

It’s a 5 hour drive from Johannesburg, far into Limpopo. You cross the Tropic of Capricorn and then it’s all about getting up the mountain. The Venda Village overlooks the Duluni Valley and it is so peaceful.

There is no signal and while there is WiFi, it seemed to come and go. Honestly, it was fantastic to not be in touch. No one could get hold of me and vice versa.

It was also boiling hot, so I literally spent the days around the pool suntanning. I started and finished the Michael Connolly novel, The Drop. I wrote, I did my photography and I went on game drives. I wore NO make up. It was bliss.

My dad came up yesterday and they’re staying on while my mom continues to work up there. I did road trip back on my own yesterday… I’m now catching up on the gazillion emails and messages that were obviously pending while I was disconnected from the world. No peace for the wicked 😉

This place is really magical. The staff are such beautiful souls with a genuine happiness, the sunsets are magnificent and there are all types of accommodation, from full board to self catering and so on.

All the details are HERE

The Venda Village

My amazing place I stayed in

A bath with such a stunning view
Outside Shower


I was in the pool… watching the Giraffes at the watering hole

Lighting the paraffin lamps

Joyce and Lucas are the most wonderfully warm people and originally born in the very Venda Village we were staying in. They cook the most incredible meals…

Panoramic View
Tuna Salad with a view…
Mom and I did some yoga too

Trymore is such a funny guy with an amazing knowledge. He took us for the Game Drives
If you’ve left your toothbrush behind, you can use this tree to make bristles…
…and brush away!


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