Snow in Ceres

We woke up on Saturday morning and we didn’t need a weather report to know that it had snowed somewhere close by. It was when we saw the photos coming up on Facebook of the snow in Ceres, that we decided to Google: How long is it from Sea Point to Ceres? Google Maps showed 1.5 hours, so we decided to grab all our warm things (read: we’re completely ill equipped for the snow) and left at 13:30 for the spontaneous trip.

We followed the snow capped mountains and took the beautiful, scenic drive to Ceres.

IMG_7327 copyIMG_7332 copyIMG_7333 copyWe also watched the cars temperature drop and drop from 9 degrees in Sea Point, all the way to -0.5 degrees. Excuse the close up dusty car pics. JPEG image-78196D81ECC5-1.jpegWe arrived in Ceres at 3pm… to no snow.

What we did see was a stream of cars driving towards us (obviously away from the snow) and we knew this because the bonnets of the car had mini snowmen on them. It took us another hour and we arrived at the snow, close to Klondyke Cherry Farm. In fact, as we got there it was snowing and it was really magical to see snowflakes floating around.

IMG_7356 copyIMG_7364 copy

This might sound ridiculous, but the last time I was in snow was a few years ago in Switzerland and you forget how cold it is. I know. Snow – cold. Who would have thought?

BUT my point is, when you’re equipped properly with the right snow gear, you don’t feel the cold. We didn’t have gloves, and so we popped thick socks on George’s hands – he was quite excited about his makeshift “mittens” and we happily threw snowballs at each other and made mini snowmen. Without gloves< you forget how painful the snow can be – it’s really chilly down to the bone.

We had such a fun time and seeing the pure joy on George’s face was worth it. We’d bundled Alexi up in layers, with a teddy bear suit over the layers and his cheeks were so pink from the cold (or so pink from the over protective mothering. Ha!)

I wish I knew what he was thinking as he took it all in.

IMG_7367 copyIMG_7445 copyIMG_7371 copyIMG_7393 copyIMG_7394 copyIMG_7398 copyIMG_7409 copy

IMG_7411 copy

I really wish I had the “After” pic 

IMG_7413 copy

IMG_7417 copy

This Swiss girl was very happy to be in snow again

IMG_7419 copyIMG_7420 copyIMG_7430 copyIMG_7432 copyIMG_7433 copyIMG_7434 copyIMG_7448 copyIMG_7379 copyIMG_7380 copyIMG_7397 copyIMG_7443 copyIMG_7435 copyIMG_7439 copyIMG_7449 copyIMG_7450 copy

The cold eventually got the better of us and wet sock “mittens” weren’t fun anymore, so we scrambled back into the car.

IMG_7454 copyIMG_7459 copyIMG_7461 copyIMG_7462 copyIMG_7466 copyIMG_7446 copyWe arrived back in Ceres and needed to stop to feed Alexi his solids, which I’d brought with us. We saw the Ceres Spur and thought we’d stop there to gobble a burger down, while feeding A before hitting the road back home. With Covid-19, there was a queue as the tables needed to be disinfected and socially distanced. I fed Alexi, in the queue and just as we decided to rather leave it and just head home (especially since it was getting darker), the manageress told us a table was ready.

We wolfed burgers down and hit the road, hoping to not drive the majority of the trip in the dark.

I tried giving Alexi a breastfeed in the parking lot, but he wasn’t all that interested and Sox and I looked at each other with an “uh-oh.” He was probably going to need a feed in the next 45 mins, but we’d be on the road, which would be dark and certainly no place to stop. We hoped it would be fine.

It wasn’t. For 35kms, Alexi cried and cried and cried and my heart strings were tattered.  I wouldn’t fit in between the 2 car seats, to even attempt to breastfeed… and besides, my boobs certainly don’t stretch that far! Ha! There’s an image!

Finally, we got to the toll gate and we pulled over in the emergency lane, calmed and comforted him and I breastfed him. The rest of the trip home was peaceful! Phew! We got home at 20h30 and put both boys to bed.

I edited a little 4.5 min vlog – and I really have a lot of respect for people who do video’s – it’s a lot of work, to film and edit, so I’d appreciate you watching and subscribing to my YouTube channel – gosh,  I sound like such a YouTuber. Haha!

It certainly was one for the memory bank and I’m so glad we made the trip!

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    Such gorgeous pics Bails, love the boys happy faces in the freezing snow! x

    September 6, 2020 at 8:41 pm
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