Back to Basic: Skin Care Series 1

We’ve come such a long way in beauty, wellness and skincare haven’t we? We have so much information these days, that I sometimes feel overwhelmed by it all. I also feel that sometimes filtering through the noise isn’t as easy and the most simplistic things get forgotten.

It’s why I’ve created this Back to Basics video series. I feel like there are so many questions out there, but the basics are forgotten or because they’re so basic, men and women feel like they’re “stupid” questions. Well, I’m a big believer that there is no such thing as a stupid question and knowledge is power.

I filmed a Zoom meeting I had with Jeanne-Mari Geldenhuys from Optiphi! She’s so passionate, with a wealth of skincare knowledge and I literally squeezed her like a sponge for her knowledge.

I’ll be filming videos on pigmentation, anti-ageing / ageing gracefully, rosacea and more. In fact if you have any skin care topics you’d love to hear about, please feel free to pop me a message – either in the comments below, or DM me on Instagram (@baileyschneiderza)

The first video focuses on these 5 Questions:

1. Why do we have to wash our face again in the morning, if we washed it at night?

2. Do I need to moisturise oily skin?

3. With all the hundreds of lotions and potions out there, what should our basic skincare routine actually entail?

4. Should we save or splurge on cleanser?

5. How do we reapply SPF on a full face of make up?

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