I have VERY exciting and nerve wrecking news. The breakfast show on SABC3, Expresso got in touch with me a few weeks ago with an offer that made me jump up and down.

They are doing a challenge with some celebrities and some of their viewers. It’s called the USN 12 Week Body and Lifestyle Challenge and it is always something I’ve been intrigued by, but to be perfectly honest, I’ve been too scared to try. Scared because I wasn’t sure I’d actually be able to do it. I sometimes lack motivation, so when this opportunity arose I jumped at it. NOTHING like having your BEFORE PHOTO splashed onto National TV and made so public. THAT’S motivation enough.

For those who aren’t aware of what it is, the USN 12 Week Challenge is basically changing your life for the better. It is all about eating right, exercising right and taking the correct USN supplements. The results are unbelievable. No really. You can’t believe how the Before and After photos look  -I’ve actually taken some off the website. The beautiful thing is that it’s easy to maintain. The hard work is in the 3 months of changing your body, but after that, you’re in a new healthy lifestyle and the motivation is the results.

Last week Simba Mhere from Top Billing and I were some of the celebs assessed (and it was filmed -yikes – I really can’t get my head around being in a bikini looking the way I do right now… The good thing is, I just know that this is the last time I’ll feel like this… Excited for the results and After Photo.)

We were supposed to go down to Cape Town last week, but it’s moved to this week. So on Thursday night after my radio show, I am flying to Cape Town. I’ll be on the Expresso Show LIVE on Friday morning – for the official launch, so watch if you can – it’s on from 05h30 -8am… and then straight after the show, I’m flying back to Johannesburg in time for my radio show. It’s going to be crazy busy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am very nervous making something like this so public, but excited too for the transformation. Expresso Show is going to be filming the 12 weeks of progress so if you’re interested in seeing… tune in.

My New years resolution is to get the body I’ve always wanted and this is the boost and help I need.

I am very realistic about this. I know it is going to be hard. I know it’s not only going to be physical, but emotional and mental too.

I am excited to change my life forever and be the best I can be.

The challenge starts TODAY! I’ve already done a 5am training session – yes, even with this crazy, intense rain. My muscles got a rude awakening – but it feels good!

Wish me luck!

PS. I’m not going to turn this blog into an annoying fitness diary, but I will keep you up to date with my progress, recipes and exercise regimes.


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