Sensodyne Chill Test

Sensodyne and I have been working together and using my teeth as a bit of a guinea pig, if you will.

I’ve now been using Sensodyne for a month, twice a day and I can’t get over the difference.

I originally took the Chill Test, which helped me decide which toothpaste to use. I also got the soft toothbrush (I’m prone to brush too hard – one of the reasons I could have sensitivity) plus the mouthwash that doesn’t make my eyes water, but does the job spectacularly.

If you brush too hard, you grind your teeth, have receding gums and so on, you could have Dentine Hypersensitivity, the correct term for sensitive teeth, and so many people don’t even realise they have it.

I put it to the test… I’ve never really been able to sink my teeth into anything cold. The idea of biting into a sugar free ice lolly or drinking tea that is too hot, makes me shudder and instantly want to clutch my mouth and jaw.

It’s been too cold to eat one, but I have really been missing my smoothies. In Summer I make a lot and always want to use ice cubes, but I can’t because of my teeth.

I decided to make a berry smoothie and hesitated before I cracked ice out of the ice cube tray. I blitzed everything up in my Nutribullet (best invention) and braced myself as I took an ice cold sip.

I waited for the pain, but there was nothing. Nothing!

I gobbled that icy smoothie all up without a single problem.


I know Sensodyne is clinically proven to work, but you never know if it’s just a marketing ploy. I’m so happy to have my own personal proof and know that it’s provided effective pain relief.

Take the Chill Test and you can also watch other videos on their YouTube channel or find out more info on the website.

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