Press, Pretzels and Parties

I was having my manicure today and paging through the magazines I hardly ever get a gap to read. It’s my catch up time and my hour to just relax a little bit.

I was paging through the magazine Seventeen – such a cute mag. I don’t think I will ever get used to this… I turned the page and saw my head shot staring back at me.

I did a beauty interview with the magazine a while back. I forget that magazines prepare their issues months in advance. Pleasant surprise to see.

I love making my own colours when doing Bio sculpture gel manicures. Today I had Deli mix a dark coral with a beige colour (both gorgeous colours on their own) to get this… I’m calling it “Bailey Blush” 😉

Tonight I am going over to Karolina’s home for girls night in. Lucia, Jen, Karolina and I are going to be playing our favourite music, pouring glasses of wine and catching up! These nights are my BEST! No smoky clubs with annoying music and no driving late at night.

I’m also taking Karolina to my yoga class tomorrow morning. If nothing else, we’ll get six packs from all the laughing. I have pretty much turned my body into a pretzel this entire week and I am feeling muscles I didn’t know existed.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend


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