Prayers for Japan

This news about Japan is just devastating. We have a family friend who is in Tokyo. My mom managed to get hold of him this morning because we are so worried about his safety.

He was in a state… He lives on the 4th floor of his apartment building and he said the building was still shaking. Sirens are eerily whining and all the news is in Japanese and he’s struggling to understand exactly what is going on.

I cannot even begin to imagine how terrifying that is. I don’t know what is going on lately, but this is terrifying. Thousands of fish have been found dead in California, earthquakes, tsunami’s, birds falling out of the sky. Just frightening. I don’t want to be cliched, but you can’t help thinking: “End of the World”

If it wasn’t on the news, it would almost seem very Hollywood.

I just hope Louis is alright and that he stays safe. We all need to say our prayers for Japan.

If you want up to the minute news reports and details:

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