Birthday Weekend…

I can officially say that I need a weekend from the weekend.

I had the most incredible birthday party on Friday night. It was held at Buddha Ta, Design Quarter Fourways. I had the upstairs section cordoned off for my guests. My mom, dad, sister and family friends Nancy and Art from America were there to celebrate too and that was really special for me.

The drinks were flowing and I got completely and utterly spoilt… I looked around the room at all my friends and it just made me really happy to have everyone in my life. I am very blessed.

I will admit that I partied like a rockstar … well, my version anyway. I had 2 sipping drinks the whole night and 3 birthday shooters. That is it. I got home at 2am (I didn’t drive) and let me tell you, I nursed the mother of all hangovers on Saturday.

I haven’t been hungover in years.



Chris Forrest; Tabitha Hoy-Forrest; Morgan and Jono Ross

Karolina Sky and Bailey Schneider

Rene Skiathos and Laura Fullerton

Bailey and Lindsay-Jade Calvert

Bailey and Susana Kennedy

Kelly, Kenneth, Susana

Shaun, Bailey and Ricci

Bailey and Kara- Leigh

Laura, Thalia and Jono (The Neighbour)

Bailey, Filip and Karolina

Jono and Bailey

Dimitri, Jono and Karolina

Deli and Karolina

Lucia Oreb who was Mother Hen on the night looking after us naughty lot! LOVE YOU LUC!!

So Saturday was game over… I was supposed to go to my very good twin friends (Ingrid and Bernice’s) birthday party but it was cancelled as Ingrid went into labour. She was due on the 10th February, but gave birth to the beautiful little Gemma Rose on the 5th. CONGRATS!! So excited to meet the new edition!

Sunday was Morgan’s birthday party with a difference. She picked me up early in the morning and we all headed to Bronhorstspruit to the Nan Hua Temple where they were having Chinese New Year and Cultural Festival.

I have always wanted to go to the temple. It is absolutely exquisite. We removed our shoes and went into the temple, we listened to the speeches and were all wished well for the New Year… The Year of the Rabbit.

I find people’s cultures fascinating.

After the incredible Opening Ceremony of watching the Dragon dance etc… We walked around, looked at the various temples and after passing so many various food stalls, we decided to get some stir fry, some tea, some bow ties etc and have a picnic on the grass.

The museum was also fascinating and I really recommend you take the drive out next year!

Wishing Tree

Writing my wish down on a piece of pink ribbon

Making my wish…

Throwing my wish onto the tree

The food was divine

Yummi Pears, Custard Buns, Bowties and more…

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