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There is a new restaurant that has opened in Sea Point. It’s called NV-80, named after brothers Naldo and Victor Goncalves from the Pigalle restaurants.

I first experienced the restaurant with some of my girl friends. I couldn’t stop raving about the… wait for it… the creamed spinach. Yes, I know!

Most people expect me to rave about the steaks (which are amazing) or the prawns (so tender) or the incredible menu selection (al excellent.)

I got excited over the creamed spinach. It just tastes so delicious and I love that they don’t use flour in their recipe. All these “healthy” foods have so many hidden sugars or/and flour in them, so I’m always extra careful when ordering out.

Where was this recipe when I was a little girl?

Once I even ordered it as a take-away to add to my dinner that I was cooking at home. It was a funny phone conversation to have.

BS: “Hi, I’d like to place an order for a take away…”

NV80:”Certainly. What would you like?”

BS: “Creamed spinach please.”

NV80: “What else would you like to order?”

BS: “That’s it, thanks. Just the creamed spinach.”

NV80: “……………………… Only the creamed spinach?”

BS: “Yes, thanks. I love it.”

NV80: “Great. We are glad……. One order of creamed spinach will be ready for you.”

I’m weird like that.

When I was invited to the blogger/media dinner I just couldn’t refuse.

Whilst finishing off some work for the day, I watched a show off sunset from my apartment before heading over to the The Point – a new shopping centre being built. NV-80 is on the first floor.

We arrived to a long table and a set menu. I found the selections extremely hard to choose from and literally wanted them all.

I chose the Goats Cheese Salad with roasted tomato, beetroot and marinated cucumber for starters,

the Queen Prawns grilled with garlic, white wine, olive oil and paprika and the Creme Brûlée with hazelnut shortbread.

Emma Menteath and Justin Polkey
NV-80’s photograph
NV-80’s photograph
NV-80’s photograph
NV-80’s photograph
NV-80’s photograph
I smashed my creme brulee and devoured it…
The chocolate fondant with Armagnac ice cream
Sox’s dessert of the dark chocolate torte with orange and Cointreau compote

It was a wonderful evening of laughter, delicious food, glasses of wine, catch ups and first time meetings.

Thank you so much NV-80 and to Michelle for the lovely invitation.

Make your reservations (or call in an order of creamed spinach) here: (021) 439 – 7112/4

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