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Life Lately June 2022

I may have posted sporadically, but I haven’t done a “Life Lately” post in ages and it’s about time!
Winter is definitely here… I’m sitting here with a hot cup of tea, it’s still dark even though it’s after 7am, and my feet feel cold. I should go get my slippers, but I’ve settled in now to write this. No more procrastinating.

Today is George’s 5th Birthday! On the 15 June 2017, our world changed completely and every cliché came true!

Our baby is FIVE! “A whole hand, Mommy.”

Where does the time go? I feel like it was a few months ago that I was buying “1”
In disbelief that we have a 5 year old. Transporting the big balloon home, covered in rain drops.

I surprised myself last night when I hugged him goodnight. I was flooded with emotions as I held him and just said to him: “This is the last time I’ll be holding you as a 4 year old, my Georgie!”
Something just hit me as I said that and I cried quietly into his hair!
“Mommy, why’s your voice like that? Like you’re sad?”
I had to swallow my lump that was burning in my throat and be like: “I’m not sad, I’m just really happy that you’re growing so wonderfully!”

Gosh, I’m definitely blaming the Full Moon for all the emotions.

Full Moon beauty, driving the boys to school this morning.

However, we are super excited! I couldn’t be prouder of this kind, considerate, smart, funny little boy. I LOVE Birthday’s (it’s a privilege to grow older) and I hope my boys will have the same enthusiasm for them. I think it’s safe to say George is on board. We have been counting down his birthday sleeps since 128 Sleeps. I’m not even joking. He asked me how many sleeps until his birthday and made me “check on your phone, Mommy.” I had to type into Google: How many days until 15 June? and there it was: 128. So the countdown has been looooong. I thought he might burst when we got to Sleep 5 and then 3, 2 and 1.

Today he says: “So, how many days until my next Birthday?”
The look on his face was hilarious.
“Let’s just enjoy each day and enjoy this birthday my boy!”

Today is Pajama Day at School, so they’re enjoying popcorn and hot chocolate whilst being in their PJs. As if there’s not enough sugar 😛 , we’ve taken Krispy Kreme donuts to school for his Birthday ring and later we will be celebrating with Yiayia, our Goddaughters and some video calls from the rest of the family. His party is planned for Saturday, plus Father’s Day on Sunday! It’s ALL happening!

In other news… this seems a bit funny to add, but I actually haven’t properly written anything on my blog… so ICYMI, we have returned to Cape Town after a one year adventure in Greece and we’re so happy to be home! We’ve been home just shy of 3 months now and I thought I’d share a few things.

When we returned on the 17 March, we moved into an Air Bnb. It hasn’t felt like it though because the apartment happens to be in the same apartment block, we used to rent in, so it was familiar, but not familiar. It’s one higher, which gives us an even better ocean view with some of the most magnificent sunsets. I forgot how beautiful the sunsets are, especially in Autumn/Winter.

Our idea was to be in the Air Bnb for the end of March and April, giving us 6 weeks to find a long term home/apartment.
The apartment we own in Sea Point, is where Dimitra was living before we moved. Thankfully we never sold it (we actually turned down an offer, while we were in Greece – which in hindsight, is a blessing), and Dimitra has moved back in, which has been wonderfully settling for her. What a phenomenal woman. This move was hard for us and we aren’t in our mid 80s, but she packed up her life, moved with us for the adventure and then moved back – happily!

Anyway, we are still in the Air Bnb because the house we were going to move into went from being available on the 1 May, to only being available from 1 July. We extended our stay at the Air Bnb, and then got told, actually it’s not available anymore, 1 month before we were meant to move in. We were so disappointed, completely confused and totally furious to be led on like that, and by people who are supposed to be really close family friends. It put us in a world of stress, but I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and things always have a wonderful way of working out for the best.

That’s exactly what has happened. We have now found an even better house and I’m so excited for this new chapter of our lives. I’m excited to gain more space for all of us, it’s certainly going to be fun going from an apartment to a house. So, here’s to creating beautiful memories and to finally settling. *Cheers*

The fun starts too… We have absolutely NO furniture – I’m talking fridge, washing machine, appliances, couch, beds, tables, chairs, units, TV, crockery, cutlery, utensils etc. The few special kitchen items we do have, like Le Creuset etc, is coming on the container.

The good news is, the house comes furnished, which means that the pressure is off needing to buy EVERYTHING all at once, which would have been very overwhelming and expensive. We have the luck of furnishing slowly (and storing their furniture in one of the garages.)

If you know of any furniture / home decor places having good deals and sales, please send them to me, because while the pressure is off, we really do want to purchase our own things again!
Our container of our personal belongings is arriving on the 7th of July. I’m really glad the boxes will be arriving at our home and not the Air Bnb – I did not want another re-run of what happened in Greece.

Throwback to June 2021. Our boxes arrived – but we were still in an Air Bnb and it meant another costly move.

Oh and did I mention that at the time we found out the original house wasn’t an option and we went into a spin of now looking for a new home, and needing to view places… George, Alexi and I were knocked out by Adenovirus? We all got very high fevers, snotty noses, swollen eyes, vomiting and felt horrendous. That was fun. Honestly, I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Alexi and I still aren’t 100% yet and it’s been 2 weeks already.

Thank goodness Sox stayed healthy – we truly believe it’s because he has consistently done his cold water swims in the icy Atlantic ocean every day. Proof of it boosting your immune system. This virus is contagious and all 3 of us were coughing and spluttering around him, so I’m amazed (and grateful) that he’s been OK.

At one stage, when I was fighting my own fever of 38.9 and the boys had fevers of 39.6 up to 40 and 40.1, they only wanted me and I had to put aside how terrible I was feeling and look after my little boys. It made me emotional for single parents who don’t get a break and have to do that ALL. THE. TIME. I also had a big sob because while it was a hard 10 days, I knew that my boys would be OK and we would all recover from this (even if we are recovering slowly.) I sobbed thinking about the parents who are caring for their children that are far sicker. I can’t imagine how awful that must be and I said a few prayers for all those families going through much much worse!

Gosh, I’ve been very emotional lately, can you tell?

Anyways, I’m really excited to celebrate our little boy over the next few days and to start packing up to settle in our new home, from 1 July!

Thanks for reading my blog post and for your beautiful support on social media! <3

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