Brand New: RECONNECT with The Movement Empire

The Movement Empire (TME) has recently launched RECONNECT , and I got to go BTS (Behind the Scenes) of one of the shoots. It was really fascinating to see how they film what you essentially watch at home in your workouts.

The team is amazing, the trainers are so passionate about what they do, and their dedication to ensuring you get the best training video’s is so evident. I loved getting to see how it all works. I particularly loved the little hand signals shown to ensure the trainer was in perfect time for the video and length of workouts. You’ll see what I mean in the video here (or on Reels on Instagram.)

I’ve written about TME before – it explains exactly how it works and why it’s been a good fit for me: How I’ve Fallen In Love With Exercise Again with The Movement Empire


RECONNECT is a fusion of gentle, low-impact, reduced intensity, shorter period workouts. These workouts blend dance-inspired motion, yoga influenced movements, are breath-work dominant, all whilst targeting specific body areas.

I’m personally excited about this because it gives me options and squashes that “I don’t have time” excuse we all like to use. I don’t always have 45-60 minutes for a workout and what that’s usually meant in the past is just not working out. With RECONNECT, I can now look at my schedule, see that I only have 15/20/30 minutes to workout and actually get my heart pumping, and move!

You get 2 kinds of classes:

JOURNEY with Jeanae:

This is a 20 – 30 min, no equipment practice – blending movement based exercises that are low impact/intensity in nature. It uses breath as the basis, is inspired from yoga and dance, and creates a soul-based melodic meditative experience.

MOVE with Maegan:

This is a flowing 15 – 30 min workout experience, using no equipment, low impact & focused on overall body toning for all shapes, with emphasis on targeting different muscle groups.

Price Point:

I actually had to jump on a call with the TME team to clarify the price because I know that it already is R160 per month for the Annual Subscription, or R199 per month for a Monthly Subscription. I jumped on the call, because I was wondering how much I’d need to add on for this extra workout program and I was told absolutely nothing! How incredible? It’s added value and in my opinion, the best value for money!

You get to chose weekly workouts from HIIT for Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced fitness levels, including alternative movements and/or variations for each exercise, AND now you also have access to RECONNECT. I’ve personally paid far more for personal trainers for one session in the past, never mind getting extra kinds of workouts added, so this really feels valuable and affordable to me.

But wait, there’s more! 😉 Discount Code Time:

I have a discount code that gives you 20% off either the annual or monthly subscription. It’s available now – use BAILEY20 at checkout, when you sign up at and I hope this inspires you to get moving!


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