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A pinch and a punch for the first of the month!! Happy October.

Some of my favourite people are Librans! I find that I get on the best with fellow Aquarians, Gemini’s and Librans (we’re all Air signs.)

This year is flying and things are picking up.

This past weekend I celebrated so many friends birthdays. I’ve also chosen the worst time to start my detox and health kick. Although… I suppose it’s all about making it a lifestyle.

I’m on a major health kick at the moment – currently on day 8. I’m going to be blogging what I’m doing this week. Things are going to get real personal here.

Anyway… Jen had her birthday of a decadent high tea. It took everything in me not to devour the entire table…

 From all these gorgeous cakes, brownies and cocktails… this was me:

 Happy Birthday to the gorgeous Jen.

 She had this incredible rainbow cake – so wow! I even posted a video of it being cut up on Instagram (@vanillablondebailey)

After the afternoon high tea, I rushed off to another birthday party – a SURPRISE party for Michaela. Sadly none of my photos came out very well.

I got terrible food poisoning from eating raw chicken, so while everyone was out partying the night away, I had a party for one in my bathroom.

On Sunday morning, feeling quite fragile… I went to Natalie’s birthday party at Caprice.

 How gorgeous is this Chanel bag cake?

Aaaand today I am very excited to announce that I am moving into a new time slot on South Africa’s biggest Online Radio station, 2Oceansvibe Radio.

Since the 16 April 2012, I’ve been presenting 2-3pm.

Today, I will be presenting the Lunch Time Show every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 12-3pm.

You can read a press release here

To listen press here

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