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Life Lately

I haven’t done a Life Lately post in a while… so I’ll be going back a week or so to when I travelled up to Joburg for the weekend.

My mom had a big birthday on the 25th of August, but she was traveling in Botswana, so we were going to celebrate with a family birthday lunch on Sunday the 6th of September.

Gabriel turned ONE on the 4th of September! Karolina and I were reminiscing and we can’t believe a whole year has gone by so quickly; and yet so much has happened, so a year does make sense. Crazy!

I flew in early on Saturday, the 5th of September in time for his birthday party.

The lovely Spring/Summer weather that Joburg had been bragging about (and I had been craving) disappeared and I arrived in torrential downpour and ice cold temperatures.

The irony? Cape Town had some of the best beach weather for the first time.

Poor Fil and Karolina had to cancel Gabriels party… It was all set for outside, bouncing castles, the works… and it just wouldn’t have worked having all these kids being cooped up indoors.

Reflections in my cappuccino
Bulgari ombre shades from Sunglass Hut

A personal bonus – I got to spend quality time with Karolina, Fil and Gabriel and I loved every second.

Sox was also up that weekend but for work, so we got to see him very quickly for a coffee!

Gabriel is the cutest little boy, with the most amazing nature and considering the distance, we have such a bond and I’m so grateful for it!  I love him as if he were my very own!

I stayed over on Saturday night. Karolina and I bathed Gabriel, put him to bed, got into our pjs, drank copious amounts of tea and curled up on the couch for a marathon catch up!

It was my best!

On Sunday morning, we headed out to Spiro and Rene’s little boy Jaden Deans 1st birthday party! Of course I loved seeing all my beautiful friends! It’s one of the hard things about living in a different city… I miss my beautiful souls!

Baldy and Bailz reunited… So good to see Mark and catch up 😉

After a fun morning, I called an Uber and headed over to my mom and dad for more birthday celebrations! I couldn’t wait to see my family and Duke! Mom and dad had the fireplace roaring, Duke slobbered all over me and big hugs did the rounds from mom, dad, my sister, my brother in law and my aunt and my uncle!

My mom made the most amazing Moroccan dishes in Tagines and she made the whole meal sugar free for me. So awesome to have such great support!

After an excellent afternoon of good food, amazing family company and a walk with my Dad and Duke, I got into my onesie and cuddled up with Duke (and my mom!)

I returned back to Cape Town on Monday – the warm, beach weather that CT had had that weekend, was replaced with rain and cold.

Murphy’s Law having a good ol’ laugh!

On Thursday, Sox left for Las Vegas with some of his closest guy friends!

It’s a tradition that they go on a guys trip to Vegas when one of them get married and now it’s Sox’s turn. It’s kind of like a bachelors in that group… but he’ll have a proper Bachelor party with everyone back in CT.

I am missing him so much! May the next 2 weeks hurry by!

In other news, yesterday was absolutely gorgeous and I FINALLY got to enjoy the sunshine!

I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to go to the beach. I just wanted to feel the sand between my toes and get some vitamin D. I chose a quiet beach because I’m so white, I could be used a reflector!

Thank goodness for filters on photos! #justsaying.



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