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I flew up to Johannesburg 2 weeks ago (?) Time is a blur. It was a quick in and out trip purely for work!

I landed and the shuttle that was supposed to fetch me had forgotten. I waited at the airport for 45 minutes before finally being collected and taken to the hotel where I would be MCing the Huawei Mate S Launch. I had the option of staying at the hotel, but I decided to stay at my mom and dad and see them (even if it was for a few hours.)

I still got to make use of the room to get red carpet ready. I just love hotel rooms.

I did get a sneaky surprise visit from Karolina, who popped in for a quick coffee (and we would have had lunch, but the service was a disaster, so we both ended up going hungry.)

That evening it was show time… Stevel Marc and I were the MC’s for the evening and we had such fun!

A driver took me back to my mom and dad’s house after the event and had a huge love session/reunion with Duke. I miss this face and his breath that always smells like peanut butter (strange I know.) Look at those eyes and his “W” tongue.

Early that morning, it was back into the sky flying back to Cape Town…

I settled in with coffee, cashews and the book I am Pilgrim, that I downloaded onto my Kindle app.

I got back in time to present the Afternoon Drive show on Smile 90.4 FM solo, whilst my co-host Maurice Carpede was away.

In other news I’ve been eating right and training hard. I’m in a rhythm now that is doable in my crazy lifestyle and I’m loving it. I’m pushing through personal obstacles and surprising myself. Gosh, fitness and health really is a journey, isn’t it?

This is one of my favourite breakfasts at Hard Pressed Cafe…

Avo and cream cheese on Banting bread:

 My good friend, Kim Delaporte introduced me to the Chopped Salad at Tasha’s and I can’t get enough of it. I sometimes add bacon bits into it. I got a take-away today and ate it at the radio station, whilst I did show prep.

I love it when we have visitors because it allows us to be tourists again. Sox’s friends from London arrived for the weekend and we got to show Cape Town off a little…

Cape Town has being weird with it’s weather. In my opinion, we still haven’t received Summer wholeheartedly. The clouds have been quite spectacular lately too…

When one has a good hair day, one must selfie it. Obviously.

I don’t know what I would do with Scar ad Brittny. They keep my locks in excellent condition.

Luckily that night, after having my hair done, I had somewhere to go. Sox and I were invited to the Opening night of Queen: It’s a Kinda Magic show.

It was AMAZING! If anyone is sitting on the fence with getting tickets, get off it and get tickets. It is excellent! I was transported into thinking that I was watching Freddy Mercury and he did a great (hard) job at making us feel like we were in a stadium and not in a theatre.

The next day I interviewed Giles Taylor (Freddy Mercury) on my show on 2Oceansvibe Radio and got an insight into what it’s like to travel the world and become Freddy Mercury. The podcast is available on

Yesterday I snuck 40 minutes for a well overdue manicure at Fox Box in the V&A Waterfront Woolworths. Jules did a Full Manicure for me and I didn’t stop laughing. She is a character of note!

I chose a pretty lilac pastel Morgan Taylor colour called: PS. I Love You

Today I am beyond excited because not only do I interview Prof. Tim Noakes on my 2Oceansvibe Radio show from 12:30 today, but Filip, Karolina and Gabriel are arriving for a weekend visit! They’re staying at us and I can’t WAIT to have them!!

Have a wonderful day!


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