Behind the Scenes of Yogi Sip shoot

As a kid I used to love Yogi Sips. I especially loved the banana and the coconut banana flavour. I remember my mom would either pack one in my lunch box, or we’d get them on the way to ballet class.

This kid hasn’t really grown up… Yogi Sip is still a firm favourite.

When I got a call from the company to say they would love me to endorse their product, I was over the moon. What a compliment.

It’s a product I can really endorse because I actually drink Yogi Sip and love it. The flavours have changed over the years and I was particularly happy when they introduced Vanilla.

Some mornings, I even have Vanilla Yogi sip with my muesli and fresh fruit I cut up. Delicious.

I’m also very proud to be part of this campaign with Ryan Botha, Charne Jade Slee and Jean-Marie Neethling. They’re fantastic people and really fun to work with.

Last week was the photo shoot. I absolutely love photo shoots because they really are glam. My favourite part is having my make-up done. I find that more relaxing than a massage. I think it’s the soft makeup brushes sweeping over my face that put me into a relaxed trance. Storm applied my make-up beautifully. I was in my element… Smokey eyes and nude lips. Love it.

Storm Pass and I
Love the make-up … especially those lashes!

I was also very excited to be shooting with the exceptionally talented Kevin Mark Pass. Kevin has photographed almost every single high profile South African.

I remember speaking with him a few years back. We were going to do a shoot together and then life happened and time flew by and well… you know how it goes.

It was wonderful to finally meet him.

I never know what to do in photo shoots. I’m no model and so I never know how to “pose.” Kevin was amazing. He made me feel so comfortable, told me exactly what to do and got me to smile naturally. Well… as naturally as possible đŸ˜‰ I loved my set. I was against a red back drop, leaning on an antique radio.

Here are some shots taken off my Blackberry. I cannot wait to see what the campaign looks like and how the photos turn out…

Kevin Mark Pass setting up the shot.

Well I had just done this post when my email pinged with the photos from the shoot.

I actually have the shots… ready to see?

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