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A good friend, Alon Kowen, invited us onto his boat to watch the SCA Ladies Team arrive in Cape Town for the Volvo Oceans Race. He calls me the Dolphin Whisperer because every time I’m on the boat, we have a pod of dolphins that come right up and play with the boat! I love them and secretly hope that’s true!

We also saw a Sun Fish… It really does look like half a shark.

Anyway… Onto the sailing… It was incredible to see this all-female team working so hard. They’d been out at sea for 29 days and had their children and families waiting at the V&A Waterfront for them. It was emotional and exceptional.

In other news, I’ve been playing around between bright summer colours and good ol’ classic French manicures.

When the weather hasn’t been good, we’ve gone to our favourite coffee shop to play backgammon.

Oh and each time I’m there, I always eye out the Minion Cookies – aren’t they adorable? I’m yet to sink my teeth into them though.

I had a Britney moment and also found a Pineapple iPhone cover. Sox hates it. Says it cheapens my phone and while he is right, I still love it! So ha!

When the weather has been beautiful, I’ve enjoyed a few hours on the beach.

It may look like I do no work, but I’ve actually been super busy! I’ve been in and out of various studios recording voice overs, having exciting meetings, setting up, producing and presenting my radio shows, filming and I had the honour of MCing at the Hauwei VIP Gala Dinner. The dress code was black tie and I love these events because I really adore dressing up. I had my hair done at Scar Hair, my make-up done at Bobbi Brown and I bought my dress from YDE.

I arrived at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens and met up with my friend, Jason Greer. We were going to be MCing together.

I tried to take a #Groufie on the night and got everyone to pop their hands up…

It was a fantastic evening and I even got to learn a few Chinese phrases – Thanks Jason!

Havaianas had their Make Your Own Weekend. It was so much fun. You got to choose the base, the straps and the bling.

 Great way to figure out your size.

Spin the wheel and try the different straps and sole combo…

I chose a royal blue/purpley sole and bright coral straps with a silver skull and bowtie…

In other news, I attended the Legs Eleven Brunch at 65 on Main, which is a Banting restaurant. Right up my alley.

We also went to Col’ Cacchio and tried their Banting Pizza, which comes with a yummy side salad.

Friends of mine, Lucia and Tomislav came from Joburg and we headed to the Nuri Sushi Factory. Sox and I had The Rothschild Platter, it’s created by the brothers who own Sweat 1000. It’s carb free, rice free and we even had it without soy sauce. It was delicious and so fresh!

Speaking of Sweat 1000, I’ve been smashing classes as well as doing Pilates, which I desperately need for my wonky back and shoulders! I am definitely feeling better and stronger and I keep meaning to do blog posts. I know, I know! I’m sorry… It’s coming.

*Bailey goes to the naughty corner.*

Remember I MC’d the MINI 5 Door Hatch launch a week or so ago? Well, Thunda, their English Bulldog mascot followed me home. I think he knew how much I’m missing my Duke. We had plenty of cuddles.

One of the crappy things about living away from your family is that you don’t always get to be with them on special occasions. It was my Dad’s birthday. Crazy to think that exactly one year ago I was in Zanzibar celebrating his big 60!

Here is the pic my little sister sent me: It made my heart happy and sad (purely from missing everyone so much.)

Oh and then my ovaries gave a standing ovation when I took this photo. Sorry Mom and Dad (and Sox)… but, I mean!!

Cape Town has been boasting it’s gorgeous sunsets and I caught this whilst on Main Road in Sea Point.

These flowers are brightening up the apartment right now…

My latest instagram… I saw it on Pinterest and it made me laugh so much. So much truth.

 Have a fantastic day!

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