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Life Lately

August. I actually cannot deal with how fast this year is flying by. Cannot deal.

A year ago today, Sox and I were leaving for Greece and I am craving a holiday…especially a warm one! Sigh.

I have absolutely nothing to complain about and everything to be grateful for!

Here is my life lately…

Last week Thursday I MC’d the HiSense Export Conference. I arrived at the Lagoon Hotel at 07:00 for a run through (and a latte)…

I began the proceedings at 9:00 – 14:30. Rushed back to present Afternoon Drive on Smile 90.4 FM between 4-6pm and then rushed to Shimmy Beach Club by 18h30 and MC’d the dinner until 22:30.

The Gugulethu Tenors performed

I was awake at 04:00 on Friday morning to be in the make-up chair by 04:30. I was guest presenting on Expresso Morning show which was exciting, especially because it was Bob, the French Bulldogs 4th Birthday! Too adorable for words! I also had the opportunity to meet and interview Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

Love working with this lovely person, Zoë

The birthday boy giving me a hi-5!

We were dressed by Woolworths…

Straight after the show at 8:30, I rushed over to the V&A Waterfront where the Bokeh Fashion Film Festival had collaborated with the brand new sexy Mercedes Benz AMG GTS to allow everyone to create their own fashion film.

You could get your hair and make-up done, then put on the racing jacket and get your acting skills on.

I had a quick touch up of powder over my TV make-up and an espresso..

You can see my fashion film here:

I’ve been having such fun on my show, 2Oceansvibe radio (pic below) and on Smile 90.4 FM

I was in the YOU Magazine…

I’m also in the Lose It Magazine (and on the cover)… It’s on sale now and I’d appreciate you reading my article. It also has divine recipes and is just super interesting cover to cover.

In other news, I went for an eye test because my eyes haven’t been as clear as usual. It turns out that I’m overstraining my eyes when I’m on my laptop and computers, which is causing a little bit of short sightedness when I look into the distance. I need to wear reading glasses to help relax the eye muscles.

In search of frames now…

Oh and I had to ask the optometrist to take a sci-fi pic of me. Apparently I’m not the first.

I’ve been eating really well and exercising… I’ve started week 5 of Kayla’s program. I personally haven’t seen a major difference, but Sox says he can see it.

I’m just going to keep on keeping on!

Best coconut water on the market, IMO.

Discovered this deliciousness at Tasha’s over the weekend… I changed the eggplant (I’m allergic) for zucchini. So yum!

Do you see the wispy Angel wings?

On Saturday Sox and I went for a walk on the promenade…we haven’t done one together in ages and it was so good!

On Sunday, I went to a friends bachelorette party… it was SUCH FUN! It started as a tea party and landed up at Cafe Caprice!

Aren’t these tomato cream cheese tulips clever?

Oh and don’t think it was an innocent tea party…

We had these bare bum butlers ensuring our champagne glasses were never empty.

You’re welcome ladies.

Gents, I’m sorry butt I had to!

Tomorrow I am back on the Expresso Morning show, so tune the TV to SABC 3 between 6:00 – 08:30!

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