Happy Birthday Mom

Today is the most amazing woman in the worlds birthday. My mom Jenny Schneider is celebrating her 21st Birthday (she made me. I told her no one would believe me.)

My mom is just spectacular. She is graceful, full of class, she’s wise, chic, warm, kind, caring and always has the best advice. I only appreciate her advice now and I wish I had listened to it earlier on. Ah, you live and learn.

My mom is really creative and I’m often in awe with the art she does, the way she can put a quirky vase or chair in a room and it looks like it comes out of a home decor magazine and her stylish flair is something I truly hope I’ve inherited.

My mom is cool. No really. She is just cool… For example, she always had a better CD collection than I did and when I was a teen she was the one listening to Guns and Roses Spaghetti Incident. She’s never been the embarrassing type of mom.

My mom is always there. I know that’s what people say, but she truly is. I can call her at any time and she is there for me… from getting up to take me to hospital at 2am or coming over with a bottle of wine and tissues. Boy do I appreciate everything she does for me.

Over the years and definitely in the past year, my mom and I have really grown even closer than before. She is my mom, but she’s also my friend. Someone I can speak to about anything and someone who knows me better than I know myself (and yes, that can be highly annoying, but she is always always right.)

God really blessed me with an amazing mother and if I can be half the mother, my mom is to me, my children (one day) will be seriously blessed. I just hope I’ll be able to live up to her.

Mom, Happy Birthday… I hope this year is everything you hope and dream it will be.

I love you so much.



Mom and I on my 3rd Birthday in our matching hair styles! LOL
Mom and I today 🙂

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