Happiness Is…{By Karolina Sky}

I believe that we don’t always appreciate the small things in life. 

I have asked some incredibly special people in my life to send me TEN things that make them really ridiculously  happy. 


I had to start with my soul sister, my best friend and the girl who knows me better than I know myself sometimes, so in other words, my earth Angel:  Karolina Sky.



1. The smell of a puppy

2. The satisfying feeling after a good gym workout

3. The sound of the ocean

4. Laughing so much it hurts.

5. Having a girlie coffee with my mom

6. Shoes!! Buying shoes, trying on shoes, looking at shoes…I LOVE SHOES!

7. Having a great hair day

8. My dogs licking me to death when I get home

9. My close friends who are the Family I chose

10. A long firm, loving warm embrace from my husband

what makes you terribly happy?

Why don’t you email me your “Happiness Is…” List

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