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I am on a detox for my health. I began on August 03 and let me tell you it has not been easy. It is so hard to be disciplined. I haven’t cheated and I’ve literally cut out every single carbohydrate (well I get good carbs via veges…so it’s still balanced) and sugar – that includes fruit, fruit juices, marinades, sauces anything with sugar, yeast and carbs. Do you KNOW HOW HARD THAT IS?

O. M. G.

I’ve gone a little dilly. I’ve seen people turn into gingerbread men and waffles. Seriously.

I’ve had the most unbelievable cravings for things I ordinarily don’t eat – detox or not. I’ve been moody, which is really weird for me. I’m quite a consistent person, so it’s felt strange.

I feel like a junkie needing their fix… it’s not pretty. It’s amazing how strongly your body reacts to NOT having carbs and sugar.

This is a first for me. I have never EVER followed a diet…

I don’t want to get into WHY I’m doing this… Just know that it’s all for health reasons and imperative I stick to it. I have to do this for 3 months. 3 looooong months. Nearly 2 weeks down…another 10 to go. Good grief.

Breakfast – scrambled egg and rosemary tomatoes.
My packed lunch… grilled chicken salad with no dressing (I add lemon juice and olive oil if I really want a dressing)
Dinner – is steamed veges and either grilled chicken, fish or meat

It has made me change my attitude towards food though. I always thought I ate relatively healthy. Good grief. I was completely wrong.

Ordering at a restaurant is almost impossible. I immediately go towards the healthy options like: salads or the chicken breast and veges. Problem is… most of the meats are marinated. I can ask for no salad dressing but need to remove cheese, mushrooms, carrots (high in carbs and sugar…more so than potatoes – did you know that? I didn’t… It’s been quite an education.)

Then I thought I’d go for sushi as another healthy option. Not allowed the vinegar rice or soy sauce.


Besides making the life change, my body craving things because it’s used to getting that and because it’s not, the cravings become stronger (violently so… it’s become emotional and mental), I think the hardest part, is that I haven’t noticed a change yet. I hate to admit it, but I’m a very impatient person. I’m having to really exercise patience here in realizing that there is no quick fix. The full benefits will only be seen after 3 months. It’s just hard to stay dedicated and motivated. It’s hard to know whether it’s working or not. I’m not feeling any better yet.

I’m really hoping that the combination of this type of eating and the medication I’m on will fix everything.

It’s a little depressing at the best of times, but let me tell you, the support I have from my family, my friends and my G are unwavering and amazing…even when I haven’t been the nicest person. Yikes.

Thanks for bearing with me guys… I believe at Day 21, things start to feel and get better.

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