4 Eyes

I got glasses this week. I have to wear them at night when I drive. I have a tiny stigmatism in my left eye that makes the lights become a star burst instead of a solid light. I can read perfectly, see distance etc… basically I have 20/20 Vision, but the lights at night can become a bit much.

I’ve never worn glasses before and I’m actually excited.

Long gone are the days of being a 4-eyed nerd. Glasses are awesome.

I tried on so many different frames and originally chose a pair of Dior frames but would have to wait 5 weeks for them to arrive. Since I needed to fill my prescription quite quickly I then chose a pair of Max Mara frames. Thank you Safilo South Africa.

Weird seeing myself with glasses. Really not used to it. Will have to post a pic soon.

In other news… After 24 loooong days… Finally. Greg is finally arriving tonight. I never knew it was possible to miss someone so much. I just cannot wait for him to burst through those airport doors.

It’s his best friends wedding this weekend and he is the Best Man.

How is this for a small world? I used to work with Andrew (The BF) about 12 years ago and I know his fiance Amy seperately too…through work. We’ve become really good friends and I can’t do without our weekly coffee/hot chocolates (will have to be water/teas now. Day 15 of detox. Just saying.)

I am so excited for this wedding – it’s going to be romantically amazing.

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