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Christmas Chicken Recipe

Every Christmas, my mom makes the most delicious Cornish Hen with stuffing. Since our family wasn’t together this year, it was up to me to continue our tradition and make it here in Cape Town.

This year I struggled to find a hen, so I used the biggest chicken I could find.


Cornish Hen/Chicken

Pork sausages

Sage (fresh or dried)



Fresh breadcrumbs




Olive Oil




Buy a packet of fresh pork sausages.

Squeeze the pork meat out of the sausage skins into a bowl.

Add salt, pepper and sage ( dried herb sage or chopped fresh sage)

Chop an onion and fry in butter or oil until glassy.

Add to the pork meat. Mix well.

Add half cup or slightly more of freshly crumbed white bread crumbs (crumble roughly with your fingers.)

Mix all together.

Chicken or Cornish hen:

Wash chicken in cold water.

Stuff cavity with sage and onion pork stuffing.

Tie legs together with cotton or string to keep the stuffing from oozing out.

Season chicken with aromat, olive oil, thyme, and sprinkle with olive oil.

Roast in the oven basting now and then until cooked (test with skewer by making sure juices run clear not pink.)

Oven 180C for approx 2 hours depending on size and allowing for extra time for stuffing.

Optional: Half hour before removing from oven, you can surround chicken with baby chippolata sausages.

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